Several engineering students at Elizabeth­town High School received a glimpse of their future Thurs­day by participating in mock interviews.

EHS Workforce Readi­­ness Coordinator Su­san Ryan said mock interviews serve several purposes for the students. One of those is it gives them first-hand experience.

“We have had kids come back and tell us later that walking into an interview after graduation was so much more comfortable for (them) because (they) had been through the mock interview experience,” Ryan said.

The students had the opportunity to interview with three different businesses. Some of the businesses and industries on site for the mock interviews were AEI Engineering, Atlas, Altec, AGC, the city of Elizabethtown, Dow Chemical, Harshaw Trane, Flex Films, LG&E-KU and Metalsa.

“Not only does the mock interview provide them experience with soft skills and resume development, it also gives them a chance to learn about three different businesses or industries in our community,” Ryan said.

Senior Christopher Hof and junior Kaitlyn Bran­denburg were among the students participating in the mock interviews.

Hof said it was a little nerve-racking at first, but once he got started he calmed down.

Hof said his first interview comprised of questions about problems he had to overcome and his solutions to those problems. Brandenburg said she was expecting questions like that, but also was asked about her class load and projects she is involved with.

Hof said it helps to prepare for the interviews by researching the job and company. Brandenburg agreed.

“You never want to go into something like that blind,” she said. “You want to have an idea of what you are doing.”

EHS engineering teacher Justin Line said the mock interviews allow employers to see the quality of the students’ work and character.

“They were amazed where a lot of these students already were as seniors or even juniors in high school,” he said.

Line said the interviews also help build confidence for students and provide them an opportunity to hear feedback from employers about their performance.

“Feedback in the past has been phenomenal,” he said. “They will build the kids up and at the same time they are honest with them. ... The kids take that and in the past have done really well.”

Hof said the mock interview helps students prepare for the future and “know what to expect later on in life.”

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