• Unbridled Learning: Achievement

     These are the point totals for the number of students at the novice, apprentice, proficient and distinguished levels in certain subjects. For information on other subjects, visit www.education.ky.gov.

    High Schools

    ·      Central Hardin High School

              - Reading - 60.4
              - Math - 53.5

  • Unbridled Learning: College and Career Readiness

     These are the percentages of students who are considered college/career ready.

    ·      Central Hardin High School - 64.0

    ·      Elizabethtown High School - 59.8

    ·      John Hardin High School - 58.6

    ·      LaRue County High School - 51.1

  • Unbridled Learning: Growth rate

     These are the percentages of students who have shown growth in the subjects of reading and math.

    High Schools

    ·      Central Hardin High School

               - Reading - 60.6
               - Math - 58.9

    ·      Elizabethtown High School

  • Unbridled Learning: Graduation rates

     These are the graduation rates for the 2010-11 school year and the goal for the 2011-12 school year.

    • JohnHardin High School

               - Rate - 91.7
               - Goal - 92.3

    • LaRueCounty High School

               - Rate - 91.6
               - Goal - 92.2

  • Unbridled Learning: Achievement gap

     These are the percentages of students in certain populations (minorities, English as a second language, recipients of free or reduced lunch, special education) who have scored at a proficient or distinguished level in various subjects. The goal is 100 percent of these students at a proficient/distinguished level.

    High Schools

  • Unbridled Learning: Overall scores

     These are the overall 2011-12 scores, out of 100, given to schools in the Unbridled Learning assessment model and their goals for the 2012-13 school year.

    High Schools

    • Elizabethtown High School- 65.6
    • LaRue County High School- 64.3
    • John Hardin High School- 63.4
    • Central Hardin High School- 60.6
    • North Hardin High School- 52.9

    Middle Schools

  • HCS seat only contested board race

    Most local school board races will see unopposed candidates quietly take their seats, except for one Hardin County Schools board position.

    The Division 5 seat on the HCS board is the only contested school board race in the Nov. 6 election. Incumbent Suzy Broadwater faces challenger Gail Phoenix. Division 5 is in the northern end of the county.

  • Middle school shines spotlight on successful students

    West Hardin Middle School teachers were sporting face paint and costumes Friday, but it wasn’t for Halloween.

    West Hardin hosted a pep rally Friday for students who are on the A-B honor roll for this past grading period. The rally is part of a program aimed at recognizing positive behavior in students.

    Teachers dressed as characters from popular films and performed skits for students and handed out prizes such as movie tickets. Students’ excitement filled the gym as they cheered and laughed at faculty members.

  • ECTC to eulogize Poe for Halloween

    For anyone who has wished Edgar Allan Poe’s funeral hadn’t taken place 163 years ago and that they could have had the opportunity to pay their respects, a second chance has arrived.

    Elizabethtown Community and Technical College is hosting a “funeral” for Poe, the Gothic literary figure known for poems such as “The Raven” and short stories that include “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Doors open for the free event at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday in the Science Auditorium, and it begins at 7 p.m.

  • Sisters in sync: Hopes help Elizabethtown High School band in state title bid

    Heading into state competition this weekend, Elizabethtown High School band is full of Hope.

    It comes in the form of the four Hope sisters — senior Brandy, sophomores Brittany and Breanna, and eighth-grader Bridgett. As Brandy brings her marching band career to a close and Bridgett is just starting hers, this year is the only year all four sisters have participated in marching band.