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  • Elizabethtown woman preserves memories in quilt

    Doris Campbell saves memories.

    She has two photo albums full of pictures of quilts, reupholstered furniture and other items she has crafted for family and friends.

    Some of them are stuffed animals made out of material from clothes of their lost loved ones as special mementos.

    One of the Elizabethtown resident’s most recent projects is an attempt to help her niece from Ontario, N.Y., remember the earliest days of her children’s lives.

  • Navigating the spirtual highway

    Vernon Dixon has trouble finding a church to attend during the long days he travels highways around the country.

    When one is found, the Jesup, Ga., truck driver embraces the experience, squeezing in a service at the trucker’s chapel adjacent to the Petro Truck Stop in Glendale when his route allows. He spotted an advertisement at the truck stop for a driver’s appreciation ceremony at the chapel Sunday afternoon, pulling up a chair for a hot meal, some coffee and fellowship before he retired to his truck for sleep.

  • ‘A Conception Story’: Former Fort Knox couple share story in Web series

    It’s an important time for Capt. Alex Whealton and his wife, Ashley. They are ready to start a family.

    They’re not taking the first step for granted. They’re documenting the insecurities and anticipation, heartbreaks and triumphs that come with trying to get pregnant. But this isn’t material for some private diary.

  • Crime Stoppers reaches out for community help

    Crime Stoppers wants to spread the word to residents about how important they can be to keeping their community safe.

    Area Crime Stoppers President Corey Bryant joined other representatives of the organization this week to tape a monthly spot for HCEC-TV encouraging residents to call whenever they have information about crime in the area.

    “Sometimes it only takes a small bit of information to break a case, so don’t hesitate to call,” he said.

  • Officer shoots, injures Sonora robbery suspect

    An officer with the state's Commercial Vehicle Enforcement branch shot a suspect in a Sonora truck stop robbery early Sunday morning in Jefferson County after police said the man brandished a firearm.

  • Licenses required for Vine Grove farmers market

    Sellers at the farmers market in Vine Grove now must buy business licenses.

    Mayor Blake Proffitt said a resident brought up to officials that the city, according to an existing ordinance, should already have required vendors selling near the railroad tracks on West Main Street to buy business licenses.

    He said officials checked the ordinance to confirm the statement, then started ensuring sellers acquired a $75 license.

    The farmers market typically has only two or three sellers, so the change doesn’t affect many people, Proffitt said.

  • Sonora robbery suspect shot by KSP trooper

    A Kentucky State Police trooper shot a suspect in a Sonora truck stop robbery early Sunday morning in Jefferson County after police said the man displayed a firearm.

  • Sports, Cruisin' attract out-of-town business

    Hotels are packed and travelers are swarming Elizabethtown in what has shaped up to be one of the city’s busiest weekends for tourism in recent memory.

    Local officials hope this out-of-town traffic becomes a routine rather than a novelty as Elizabethtown Sports Park starts hosting and booking more events, feeding business into local restaurants, hotels and other retailers.

  • Cruisin' event draws big cars, big crowd

    James Devore joked that visitors peering into his rat rod should watch out for his pet snake. The look of astonishment on tourists’ faces when they learned a reptile could be nearby drew a hearty laugh from the Bowling Green resident.

    Devore’s 1929 Ford pickup attracted stares Saturday for its crude but unique appearance during the third annual Cruisin’ the Heartland in downtown Elizabethtown. Devore said what the rat rod — an emulation of a classic hot rod — lacked in beauty it made up for in personality.

  • Police open case on false report

    After a call reporting an attack at Kohl’s Department Store turned out to be untrue, Elizabethtown Police Department opened a case for filing a false police report.

    EPD responded Thursday afternoon after a caller reported two people had been stabbed at the store. Police said no such incident occurred at the store.

    EPD spokesman Virgil Willoughby said the department has opened a case, but the call couldn’t be traced. Willoughby said a charge of making a false report is a misdemeanor.