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  • Fists fly in 'Caged'

    In a skeletal warehouse in the 400 block of East Dixie Avenue, two men circle each other with their fists raised high and their elbows tucked.

    The room lacks air conditioning and the miserable humidity correlates with the tension between the men, who start exchanging punches.

    One man, dressed in black with flowing blond hair, blocks and checks strikes and catches his opponent, head butting him before following up with a combination of body punches and a looping elbow strike to the head. The other man reels, falling.

  • Local vets experience VA delays

    Jesus Roman wanted health care closer to home, but his pursuit of convenience turned into a protracted headache.

    Roman, a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army, retired in 1998 and soon enrolled for services with the U.S. De­partment of Veterans Affairs.

    From that point, he split his time between the Zorn Avenue and Newburg Road VA locations in Louisville and said he never ran into a problem with scheduling. Quickly, he would be issued a date and time.

  • Ag commissioner candidate makes announcement in E'town

    Jean-Marie Lawson Spann said those uninterested in the Ken­tucky Department of Agri­culture should care because it impacts the food they eat and gas they pump.

    The department’s job, she said, is to ensure those products are safe for consumers.

    Spann, a Democrat and multi-generational child of farming, announced her candidacy Wednesday for commissioner of agriculture in 2015. A stop at Pritchard Community Center in Elizabethtown is part of her statewide tour this week.

  • Radcliff choking victim owes life to soldiers

    A choking woman was rescued by three Army medical professionals who happened to be at the right place at the right time.

    Employees at Applebee’s in Radcliff were notified by Army physician Col. Brian McGlinch that a woman was choking on her steak. McGlinch removed the woman from her chair and began performing the Heimlich maneuver.

    Gidget Wolz, general manager of the restaurant, said she was in the kitchen when the incident happened. A bartender notified her and she rushed to the scene.

  • Photo: All about the bonsai
  • Proposed ordinance aims to limit fireworks use in Radcliff

    Building on concerns expressed by a local resident, a Radcliff City Council member had an ordinance designed to limit firework usage in the city.

    Proposed by Council­woman Barbara Baker, the idea stemmed from Rickey Skoog, who addressed the council following the Fourth of July last year. Skoog, who has a special needs child, said his daughter was distressed hearing the fireworks several nights in a row before and after the holiday.

  • 'An angel among us': Family, friends remember Berry as loving, understanding

    Like she had done on most nights as she drove down Interstate 65 and pulled onto Joe Prather Highway to head toward her Radcliff home, Ashlee Berry passed the time by talking on the phone to her mother, Veronnica Rice.

    The night of June 3 was no different.

    She turned on the bluetooth in her vehicle and, at some point during the nearly hour-long drive from work at Troll Pub Under the Bridge in Louisville to the apartment she shared with her fiance, Collier Gierke, she called her mom.

  • Local Vietnam veteran captured history as combat photographer

    Sitting untouched in two U.S. Army footlockers, the remnants of one Elizabethtown man’s wartime service were stowed away for more than 38 years.

    “I just couldn’t look at what was inside,” Vietnam War veteran Robert Griffin said. “It was just too much for me to handle. Whenever I saw them sitting there in my shop, I would just walk away ... When I opened (the trunks) for the first time, I cried.”

  • Court ruling could affect LaRue County murder case

    When a U.S. Supreme Court ruling was announced in late May, it opened the door for a possible defense in a local murder case.

    Defense attorneys for Abdul­lah White, who is charged with murder in the death of Kristie L. Al­len, 28, were granted a continuance Monday in LaRue Circuit Court. With the trial now set for Oct. 27, the defense has time to research whether the Supreme Court ruling in Hall v. Florida is relevant.

  • Two local officers graduate from FBI Academy

    After entering a highly selective, national pool of applicants, two local police officers returned to their departments with specialized FBI training.

    Lt. James Karr with Vine Grove Police Department and Sgt. David Fegett with Elizabethtown Police Department graduated Friday from the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. They enrolled in specialized courses designed to improve their abilities as officers and bring a new skill-set to their respective departments.