Local News

  • Animal Control discovers dump site for pit bull remains

    Hardin County Animal Control discovered three badly decomposed pit bulls and skeletal remains of two more dogs Thursday morning near the LaRue/Hardin County line on Middle Creek Road after receiving a call Wednesday night, Director Gerald Foley said.

    The department is looking for the public’s help on who may have dumped the animals at the location, and Foley said callers can leave anonymous tips.

    Help is needed as the dogs contained no trace of microchip identification, he said.

    “There was no ID of any kind at all,” he said.

  • Rotary Club hopes to paint art auction as signature event

    In need of a new and engaging fundraiser, Elizabethtown Rotary Club has turned to the artists across the region to showcase their work.

    The first Rotary Club Art Auction is at 5:30 p.m. April 19 at the Brown-Pusey House. Rotary Club President Val Claycomb said 21 pieces of art are up for auction.

    “We have a lot of local talent here,” Claycomb said of the artists.

    Selections cover a wide range from countryside to home settings. Artists have prices on the pieces of art and anything bid over that price goes to the Rotary Club.

  • Reality show bridges continental gaps

    When Heather Everett of Elizabethtown was 8, a move from Germany to the United States separated her from her half-sister, Sarah Scherzer.

    A little less than two decades later, Everett was reunited last week with Scherzer in Elizabethtown thanks to a German reality TV show, “Ticket to Love.” Scherzer’s grandparents, Siglinde and Horst Eckstein, accompanied her on the trip.

    “At first, I couldn’t believe they were there,” Everett said. “My heart was pumping, that’s for sure.”

  • Grimes, McConnell spar over bill

    After a vote Wednesday in the U.S. Senate to resurrect benefits for the long-term unemployed, Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, U.S. Senate Democratic hopeful, and Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are sparring over his vote against the extension. 

    The bill would renew benefits for the long-term unemployed, including those who have been off the job longer than 26 weeks. Since the program’s expiration at the end of last year, an estimated 2.7 million workers have lost benefits.

  • Wind damages barn roof in western Hardin County
  • VIP sales for Diffie concert begin May 1

    VIP tickets for this summer’s Joe Diffie Heartland Festival in the Park concert go on sale May 1 through the city of Elizabethtown.

    No price has been announced for the tickets, according to a city of Elizabethtown news release. For last year’s Tracy Lawrence concert that attracted an estimated 8,000 attendees, VIP tickets cost $25 prior to the day of the concert and $35 on the day of the performance.

  • Absentee voting begins for May primary election

    Absentee voting has started ahead of the May 20 primary.

    Hardin County Clerk Kenny Tabb said his office sent out five absentee ballots by traditional mail and another six to military members by email as of about 3 p.m. Thursday.

  • HMH joins anti distracted driving campaign

    Hardin Memorial Health has joined an effort to discourage distracted driving.

    HMH has partnered with the “One Text or Call Could Wreck it All” campaign through the Department of Health and Wellness to promote the hazards of distracted driving and how it not only endangers the driver, but everyone around them.

  • AmeriCorps team tackles community garden

    Haycraft Street was relatively quiet this week as an AmeriCorps team from Mississippi diligently toiled on the construction of a community garden designed to benefit the Elizabethtown neighborhood.

    A gentle shuffle could be heard as a wheelbarrow clattered across the tightly packed earth, transporting mulch from an open space next door to the garden site. Rasps of a hand saw sounded briefly from the home next door as a dog barked.

  • Cecilia man arrested for burglary of Radcliff home

    A Cecilia man was found Tuesday night inside a South Boundary Road home in Radcliff with two duffel bags full of items taken from the residence, police said.
    James M. Ladiner, 46, of the 6700 block of North Long Grove Road, broke a window and entered the home where he was found stealing items, police said.
    According to an arrest citation, Ladiner was advised of his rights and “waived his rights and admitted to entering the home through the broken window.”