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  • Vine Grove to consider preventative maintenance

    Vine Grove officials must prepare to spend some of the city’s limited resources to perform preventative maintenance.

    Mayor Blake Proffitt told Vine Grove City Council members during their meeting Monday that some city equipment needs to be repaired or replace.

    Among the most immediate concerns is getting a new dump truck to replace one that has damage to the bed, making it only useful for ice and snow removal.

  • Photo: A sign of change?
  • Police arrest Elizabethtown man wanted on meth warrant

    The Elizabethtown Police Department arrested a man who had been wanted on a bench warrant for methamphetamine-related charges since June.

    Robin McFadden Sr., 65, was arrested Monday afternoon at his 126 James Street residence in Elizabethtown, according to the citation.

    Detective Rob Green with the Greater Hardin County Narcotics Task Force said investigators had checked that address several times before, but McFadden had not been there.

  • Prosecutor files motion to dismiss charges against ex-teacher

    The Commonwealth’s Attorney Office filed a motion Tuesday morning to dismiss two charges of first-degree sexual abuse against former teacher Steven Gray.

    Gray, 29, was teaching social studies at Central Hardin High School when Hardin County Schools received an anonymous phone call alleging the teacher had engaged in sexual contact with multiple female students. Gray was fired and eventually arrested on sexual abuse charges in December 2010.

  • With beer for sale, DUI arrests increase marginally

    With beer for sale at various locations in Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Vine Grove, driving under the influence arrests marginally increased in two of the cities during the holiday week from Dec. 24-Jan. 2.

    Area law enforcement agencies arrested more than 20 for impaired driving during the period, including nine DUI arrests in Elizabethtown, five in Radcliff and one in Vine Grove. In 2010, seven DUI arrests were made in Elizabethtown, two in Vine Grove and one in Radcliff.

  • Staff, students bond in face of principal’s death

    LaRue County Schools worked to support each other Monday after losing a beloved staff member.

    School officials and students at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Hodgenville tried to return to a sense of normalcy Monday after losing their principal, Amber Thurman, in a car crash Saturday morning.

    Teachers were given a statement to read to students to explain Thurman’s death, but administrators wanted to keep the day as normal as possible, Superintendent Sam Sanders said.

  • Prosecutors ask to dismiss sexual abuse charge against ex-teacher

    The Commonwealth's Attorney Office filed a motion Tuesday to dismiss charges against Steven Gray, the former Central Hardin High School teacher accused of having sexual contact with two female students.

    Judge Kelly Mark Easton said he would consider the motion. Before dismissing charges, the judge must decide whether dismissal is contrary to public interest.

    A Hardin County jury failed to reach a verdict in Gray's case last month. Faced with a hung jury Easton declared a mistrial.

  • Former LaRue County deputy jailer sentenced

    A former chief deputy at the LaRue County Jail has been sentenced to serve a year in prison for charges including exchanging cellphones, prescription painkillers and cigarettes for sex with inmates.

    Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Whitney Meredith said Travis Strader, 40, was sentenced Monday in LaRue Circuit Court to serve a year behind bars then complete a sex offender program while on supervised probation.

  • E'town to implement prescription drug program

    Elizabethtown City Council has partnered with the Elizabethtown Police Department to keep prescription drugs out of the city’s trash and streams.

    At Mayor Tim Walker’s urging, the city plans to install a local prescription drug dropoff point where residents can discard unwanted or old prescription drugs instead of throwing them in the trash or flushing them down the toilet.

  • Council considers safe driving program

    A program designed to keep drunken drivers off Elizabethtown roads hit a bump Monday.

    Scott Ward, a Michigan businessman who owns Jewelry and Bridal on Dixie Avenue in Elizabethtown, pitched the “Home Safe” drunken-driving program to Elizabethtown City Council as a mandatory part of the alcohol licensing process, but city officials said the program could create liability for the city and may not have legal grounds.