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  • Breastfeeding group seeks to educate, support new moms

    Breastfeeding can be a frustrating task, experts said, and some women might abandon it because they don’t have access to the information and support they need.

    The Hardin County Breastfeeding Bag Project, an entity formed last month, aims to put gift bags packed with literature, listings of local resources and even a few freebies in the hands of as many pregnant women and new moms as possible, said project founder Kim Mohammed of Vine Grove.

  • Motion to opt out of unification fails in Vine Grove

    Vine Grove City Councilman Garry McCoy proposed drafting a resolution to opt out of the unification process during Monday night’s city council meeting. Mayor Blake Proffitt had asked if any council members had comments to make before adjourning.

    “People have come to me, and I told them I’d listen to them and I hear what they’re saying, and I felt compelled to make a motion,” he said.

    None of the other five council members seconded the motion and it didn’t go to a vote.

  • Photo: Journal of a professional fencer
  • Pepsi machine on South Maple shot three times

    A man walking a dog fired three shots at a Pepsi machine Monday night outside The News-Enterprise on South Maple Street.

    According to an Elizabethtown Police Department news release, a newspaper employee told police the man fired the gun after the machine, located next to the building’s loading dock, failed to dispense a soda.

    Police responded at 11:47 p.m., but the man left on foot headed in an unknown direction, according to the release.

    The investigation is ongoing, police said.

  • Radcliff gains full access to legal alcohol

    Radcliff joined Elizabethtown and Vine Grove in welcoming expanded alcohol sales Tuesday, making it the only city in Hardin County to obtain full wet status.

    The measure to expand alcohol sales in the county’s second-largest city passed with roughly 60.5 percent of the vote as 1,567 people voted to expand alcohol sales while 1,025 voted against expanded availability. All Radcliff precincts voted in favor of expanded alcohol sales, according to the Hardin County Clerk’s Office.

  • Voter turnout underwhelms

    Though three cities voted in favor of expanded alcohol sales in Tuesday’s special election, Hardin County Clerk Kenny Tabb said voter turnout was low compared to previous wet-dry elections.

    In the past, wet-dry elections have drawn at least a 50 percent voter turnout, Tabb said, but Tuesday’s numbers were “really down” from wet-dry votes of the past.

    According to the county clerk’s cumulative report, 5,072 votes were cast in Elizabethtown, which is 28.22 percent of registered voters, he said.

  • Alcohol licenses won’t be issued for at least 90 days

    Even though residents in Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Vine Grove voted Tuesday in favor of expanded alcohol sales, residents won’t be able to reap the benefits of the vote for a minimum of 90 days.

    Steve Humphress, general counsel for the Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, said it will be 60 days after the election is certified before a city becomes wet, during which license quotas will be issued. No business or person will be allowed to apply for a license under the expanded laws before the 60-day period elapses.

  • Elizabethtown residents choose to expand sales

    Elizabethtown may not be eligible for bars and breweries because of its fourth-class status, but it did not stop voters from sending a message that they are ready for increased alcohol availability.

    Expanded alcohol sales passed with 60 percent of the vote. The measure passed by more than 1,000 votes on an issue that had grown more contentious and divisive as Oct. 4 approached. The final results showed 3,051 voted in favor of expanded alcohol sales while 2,021 voted no.

    The measure carried in all 14 precincts.

  • Vine Grove approves alcohol sales

    Susan Howard of Vine Grove was outspoken about her vote as she strode out of the voting precinct Tuesday afternoon at Vine Grove City Hall on West Main Street.

    “I believe that we’re not in the Dark Ages anymore,” she said.

    Howard said she voted yes because she thinks allowing alcohol sales in Vine Grove will be good for economic development.

    She hoped the city would vote yes and open the door to new business and keep residents from driving across county lines or to restaurants in the southern part of the county to buy alcohol.

  • Bomb threats force evacuations at ECTC

    Two separate bomb threats forced evacuations Tuesday morning at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College.

    The first note was found on a classroom door in the Academic Technical Building, said Mary Jo King, ECTC spokeswoman. According to a news release from Elizabethtown Police Department, the note read, "There is a bomb inside this building" and on the back, "Stay away."

    Students were evacuated from the building and police responded at 7:12 a.m., according to the release. After searching the building, students were allowed to re-enter.