Local News

  • Vine Grove budget changes postponed

    Vine Grove will enter the next fiscal year with a budget identical to the one it is currently using, but it might not stay that way.

    The city council approved by consensus Monday allowing the budget that begins July 1 to automatically be identical to the current budget because a new one hasn’t been passed. Council members later will amend the budget to make necessary changes.

    Mayor Blake Proffitt said Vine Grove can do that because it is a fourth-class city.

    Cities must have their budgets in place by June 30.

  • Vine Grove looking at erosion grant

    Vine Grove has the opportunity to accept a grant of nearly $6,200 from the Natural Resources Conservation Service to repair emergency problems resulting from the erosion that April storms caused to Rose Creek.

    Mayor Blake Proffitt said the erosion exposed some service lines and parts of manholes. Problem areas need to be covered in ductile iron to prevent sewer lines from busting.

    To qualify for the grant, the city must supply about $1,800. That entire amount must be spent in 10 days because it is meant to fix the emergency problems.

  • E'town to amend scrap metal ordinance

    Elizabethtown city officials are in the process of tweaking an ordinance regulating purchases made by junk, secondhand and scrap metal dealers through the Leads Online database, which can be accessed by the Elizabethtown Police Department as a tool to locate stolen items.

    Elizabethtown City Council approved the first reading of an amended ordinance after city officials met with some dealers, who suggested the changes to make the ordinance more business friendly.

  • Photo: Hunting for a leak
  • Relief months in the making

    Area residents are ready for summer splashing in the pool.

    The work that allows the city pools in Elizabethtown and Radcliff to open each summer begins as soon as the previous season ends.

    The Elizabethtown city pool opened in 1962 and requires extra maintenance each season to keep it serviceable, said Jim Connelly, manager of American Legion Park. The pool is located at the park.

    The pool, which holds about 50,000 gallons of water, is left with some water in it during the winter to keep the pool from floating higher in the ground.

  • Police seek help in identifying robbery suspect

    Elizabethtown and Radcliff police are looking for a suspect believed to have committed four robberies, the most recent on May 28.

    Bryce Shumate, spokesman for the Radcliff Police Department, said the man is a suspect in robberies at Donut Express at 283 S. Wilson Road, Meck’s Gifts at 555 N. Wilson Road, and Sarah’s Boutique at 1617 N. Dixie Blvd.

    Donut Express and Meck’s Gifts are about a mile apart, Shumate said. Donut Express was robbed March 26 and Meck’s Gifts on March 31.

  • School districts use down time for building work

    Empty school buildings make perfect spaces for a different kind of work during summer.
    Summer break gives schools a chance to make headway on building construction projects, maintenance and repairs.
    Each district is overseeing several construction projects this summer.
    Elizabethtown Independent Schools has three projects under way, including renovation of Helmwood Heights Elementary School, construction of a preschool and kindergarten center, and replacement Elizabethtown High School’s roof.

  • Armor School to case colors Friday

    After calling Kentucky home for 71 years, the transition of armor functions from Fort Knox to Fort Benning, Ga., will pass another milestone this week when units with the U.S. Army Armor School case their colors at Brooks Field.

  • Coin crew rings in a mystery

    Buckets of change is not all the Stephensburg Fire Department collected during this year’s WHAS Crusade for Children.

    As volunteers sifted through mounds of contributions, a woman’s gold wedding band was found, said safety officer Jeff Thompson.

    “We were just going through the change and separating it and someone yelled out they had found a wedding ring,” Thompson said. “I thought they were kidding.”

    It was no joke.

  • And the numbers are in

    WHAS Crusade for Children

    Totals for local fire departments:

    Upton   $1,690.39

    Glendale   $6,151.39

    White Mills   $3,386.83

    Stephensburg   $7,612.00

    Central Hardin    $18,345.42

    West 84   $3,159.99

    Rineyville   $6,289.52

    Valley Creek   $20,085.00

    Radcliff   $18,263.75

    Sonora   $2,669.26

    Ky. 86   $16,917.93