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  • Photos: Snagging school supplies
  • Jiminy Cricket it's hot

    Supposedly, you can estimate the outside Fahrenheit temperature by counting the number of times a cricket chirps in 15 seconds and adding 37.

    The bugs these days must be performing an allegro.

    If they could somehow scrape out a number about the humidity, their wings might catch fire.

    The heat index in Hardin County recently reached 115 degrees, said Mark Adams, lead forecaster at the Fort Knox weather station.

    Also, the dew point – which measures the amount of moisture in the air –  topped 80 degrees.

  • Hardinopolis? HCU recommends local governments unify

    Hardin County United recommends local residents pursue a unified form of government that would offer the six incorporated cities a chance to merge with Hardin County government under statutes established in 2006 by the Kentucky General Assembly.

    Should consolidation of government services occur, the area would emerge as the state’s third-largest city in population behind Lexington and Louisville.

  • Role of Adjutant General changes hands

    Fort Knox bore witness Thursday to an investiture and change of command ceremony for one of the oldest positions in the U.S. Army.

    Col. Jason Evans assumed the role of 65th Adjutant General from Brig. Gen. Richard Mustion during a morning ceremony at the Lt. Gen. Timothy J. Maude Complex, where the adjutant general performs his duties.

    In addition to commanding the Adjutant General Directorate, Evans assumes the role of executive director of the Military Postal Service Agency and commander of the Army Physical Disability Agency.

  • Adding ballast
  • Former LCHS teacher pleads guilty to charges

    A former LaRue County High School teacher pleaded guilty Wednesday to third-degree unlawful transaction with a minor.

    Jeremy Todd Blair, 33, formerly of Hodgenville and now living in Leitchfield, was sentenced to 15 days in jail and is not allowed to teach for five years. He was charged with assisting or causing a minor age 16 or younger to disobey parents.

    According to a criminal complaint served by Deputy Eric Williamson, Blair had been “told to stay away” from the girl by her parents earlier this year.

  • United Way starts ‘win-win’ partnership

    For the United Way of Central Kentucky, an opportunity to better serve the community always is welcome. So when the Ohio Valley United Way approached Executive Director Christopher Wilborn a year ago about the possibility of shifting the coverage of Breckinridge County into his territory, he saw the potential the move could have.

    “It was certainly an opportunity I was excited about,” Wilborn said.

  • Local resident completes ROTC Leader's Training Course

    For one ROTC cadet who had all his goals in order, one misstep, literally, had his future hanging in the balance.

    Phillip Harris, a senior at the University of Louisville and an Elizabethtown resident, was participating in a night land navigation training exercise during the U.S. Army Cadet Command Leader’s Training Course at Fort Knox when he stepped in a depression and fell about six feet. The fall caused his left knee to swell.

  • Happy Meals tested locally go national

    McDonalds Happy Meals nationwide will include a bag of apple slices with caramel dipping sauce and fewer fries in the future.

    Local customers have been there and done that. This area served as a test market for the change.

    The Happy Meal changes will be applied nationwide as part of a company plan announced Tuesday to make many meal options healthier with fewer calories and less sugar and sodium.

    Happy Meals across the U.S. will complete their transition by April, according to a news release from McDonalds’ corporate office.

  • Backpack Program in need of 'adoptions'

    A local charitable organization is looking to the community for help in reaching out to the youngest Kentucky residents.

    When the school year begins, children in 33 counties will receive food from Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland. But to do so, the organization needs money from donors.