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  • E'town man arrested for assault following investigation

    An Elizabethtown man was arrested Tuesday on charges of second-degree assault domestic violence stemming from an incident that occurred last month at the Grim Reaper Motorcycle Clubhouse in Guston.

    Kentucky State Police began investigating Brian Lunsford, 42, after his girlfriend was admitted to Hardin Memorial Hospital with self-inflicted injuries following a seizure, according to a KSP news release.

    The woman later was transferred to University Hospital in Louisville. According to the hospital, she was released Aug. 18.

  • E’town woman helps Africa

    Kim Hall is handling the rainy season in Diagaly, Senegal, by putting buckets under the places where the grass roof of her mud and cement hut leak.

    At other times, the West African village gets as hot as 130 degrees, and she tries to use some of her tightly rationed water to keep herself wet and cool inside.

    “I’m the only one crazy enough to walk around in the village during the day, and they make fun of me for it,” she said.

  • Radcliff to land a recycling trailer

    Radcliff is moving forward to secure a recycling trailer without the county’s assistance.

    Mayor J.J. Duvall announced a partnership Tuesday with Waste Management to install a recycling trailer on city property to meet the demand for recycling locally.

  • Area emergency responders remember 9/11

    Hardin County law enforcement and emergency responders gathered Tuesday morning at Elizabethtown Fire Department Station 1 for a brief ceremony in remembrance of the attacks on 9/11 as the 10th anniversary draws closer.

    “We must not ever forget that day, especially the sacrifices made by all those who gave their lives that day,” EFD chief Mike Hulsey said.

    About 35 people attended the ceremony, most of them being officials from EFD and Elizabethtown Police Department. Several other community events are planned this week around the county.

  • Area police nab 22 for DUI over holiday weekend

    Area law enforcement arrested more than 20 people in Hardin County on driving under the influence charges over the Labor Day weekend.

    Officials attributed the high number of arrests to the long weekend and Labor Day holiday anti-drunk driving campaign.

    “The more enforcements we do, naturally the more people we arrest for DUIs,” said Virgil Willoughby, public information officer for Elizabethtown Police Department.

  • Brushy Fork lining up debators

    More political figures are committed to appearing at the second Brushy Fork Debate, but some of the biggest names say they won’t be there.

    Vine Grove events coordinator Donna Broadway is in charge of scheduling debaters for the old-fashioned debate on the bank of the Brushy Fork Creek at 11:30 a.m. Sept. 17 at Optimist Park in Vine Grove.

    “I’m always wanting every single one of them to come,” she said.

    Broadway is most disappointed about Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear saying he won’t be at the debate.

  • When Ends Don't Meet: A clinical approach to care

    In the examining room, clinical manager Mike Barrow greets then weighs a patient, takes the patient’s temperature and blood pressure and scribbles down the results. Barrow reviews the patient’s medications to determine if they are still current and begins a dialogue about overall health.

    Barrow asks if the patient has developed any new chronic problems.

    “Yeah, the cost of everything is going up,” the patient replies, grinning.

  • Hardin Countians celebrate Labor Day with a Civil War skirmish

    Wisps of gun smoke flowed through the air. Mark Twain, clad in a white suit, walked on a hilltop nearby. A row of men in navy uniforms faced a group of Confederates. When a rifle on one side fired, a bang from the other soon followed.

    Suddenly, the firing stopped and a Union soldier began to shout to a Confederate. As the two approached each other in the middle of the battlefield, an actor explained to the Fort Duffield onlookers that it was common during the Civil War for friends, relatives and even siblings to find each other in opposition.

  • Photo: Turkeys take rural stroll
  • Louisville man charged with DUI, assault in Hardin County

    A Louisville man is charged with DUI, third-degree assault and wanton endangerment after a collision with a Kentucky State Police vehicle Sunday on Western Kentucky Parkway in Hardin County.

    According to a KSP news release, KSP Post 4 in Elizabethtown received multiple calls regarding a vehicle traveling eastbound in the parkway’s westbound lanes.

    Troopers found the driver, Thomas Coleman III, 70, near the 134 mile marker, police said.