The streets and fields of Glendale were packed with thousands of people Saturday during the community’s annual Glendale Crossing Festival. Hundreds of booths were on display, featuring artwork such as wreaths, soaps and clothing.

The festival is known for bringing out returning artisans and newcomers alike.

Kristy Dohn, an artisan based in Rineyville, makes wreaths, jewelry and artwork out of glass bottles. Dohn, who has been making the creations for about 30 years, started working at a florist shop and discovered she had a knack for making the artwork.

“It keeps me busy,” she said. “I can’t just go home and sit around. I’ve got to be doing something.”

Other Glendale Cross­ing Festival veterans, such as Tom Bromer and his wife, Nancy, sold wood-based pens, boards, bowls and other items Saturday. Tom Bromer said he “always had a woodshop” and woodworking got him through high school.

“I was a terrible student but I loved woodworking,” he said.

The artisan said he is captivated by the different types of woods and their looks.

“Even today I can cut into a piece of wood and see some grain that God created. We’ve got all these trees around us and they’re all different,” he said. “It’s just beautiful in its own way.”

Bromer enjoys talk­ing to repeat customers and finds enjoyment in someone paying money to have one of his artworks hanging in his or her home. At least two pas­sers­by complimented his woodwork this weekend.

“That’s a good feeling,” he said.

Waz and K.O. Blank­en­ship also were vendors at the festival. The married couple, based in Smiths Grove, sell paintings and tie-dye clothing. Their items included tie-die shirts and paintings of musical artists such as Prince and The Beatles.

The two had arrived in Glendale for their first festival at about 2:30 a.m. and had a booth called “Art-N-Fart.”

“He’s the artist and I have gas,” K.O. Blank­en­ship said. “Art is supposed to be fun and it made you laugh. People come and stand under this and have their pictures taken. That’s what it’s all about.”

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