Pageants, games and concerts are used to boost fair attendance but the illuminating rides at the Hardin County Community Fair & Horse Show are the most visible of the fair experience.

Mario Barnes and Katheryn Shanks rode a pendulum thrill ride Tuesday located near the entrance of the fair. The ride took passengers several feet into the air and spun them around in a full rotation. The couple was drawn to the ride by the reaction of others.

“We heard people yelling like it was fun,” Barnes said.

Shanks said she felt odd during the ride.

“I (felt) like I was walking upside-down,” she said with a laugh.

The two had a game plan for the rides they wanted to experience when entering the fair.

“We figured we wanted to do the most thrilling things first,” Barnes said.

The two also rode Super Shot, where passengers are carried up several feet in the air and dropped down.

Barnes said he didn’t think the ride’s height was intimidating but changed his mind once he got on. The ride towers above the fairgrounds.

“Then we got up there, I was like, ‘Aw man, this is high,’ he said. “You can see all the cars.”

Trent Ferguson, another Tuesday fair attendee, rode the Super Shot after he saw the line was shorter.

“It was fun,” he said, noting there was a good breeze on the way down.

Rachel Fowler was acc­om­panied at the fair Tuesday by her children, including her daughter, Camden Ball, 5. Fowler and her daughter rode the Zero Gravity ride, a form of the Gravitron thrill ride, where riders stand up against panels and are spun around as the attraction rises in the air. Fowler boarded the ride because of her daughter.

“She’s a little daredevil,” she said of Camden.

Fowler wasn’t intimidated by the ride itself but was worried about the other passengers.

“I was just hoping someone wouldn’t puke on me,” she said.

Fowler also rode the Super Shot.

“Those things scare me to death,” she said.

Many of the fair rides are height restricted and the fair offers gentler rides and attractions for children, such as a carousel, mirror maze and a large slide.

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