Leaves have begun to litter the ground, and Elizabethtown is making it easier for residents to dispose of them through the city’s fall leaf disposal program.

Public Works Super­intendent Don Hill said at Monday’s City Council meeting they began conducting fall leaf disposal a little more than a week ago.

The program divides the city into five areas:

• Area one, west of U.S. 31W and north of St. John Road

• Area two, west of U.S. 31W, south of St. John Road and north of the CSX railroad

• Area three, east of U.S. 31W and north of North Miles Street

• Area four, north of U.S. 31W, east of North Miles Street and west of the CSX railroad

• Area five, south of the CSX railroad

The schedule will be repeated each week until fall leaf collection has been completed. During this period, brush pickup also will continue. Hill requested residents keep leaves and brush separate.

Hill said Elizabeth­town residents can part ways with unwanted leaves through a curbside pick-up option where residents place leaves in clear bags no heavier than 50 pounds near the street.

Those who need clear bags can purchase them at the Department of Public Works, 301 Waterworks Drive, or at Pritchard Community Center for $3 for a roll of 25 or $27 for a case of 250. Only clear bags are collected.

Elizabethtown residents also have an option of piling loose leaves beside the curb, which will be picked up by vacuum trucks during the height of the season. Hill said leaves should be cleared of all debris and should not obstruct storm water drainage structures.

Hill said some residents prefer to compost leaves for use as mulch in yards or flower beds or negotiate an agreement with a private hauler. Information and liter­a­ture on composting and con­structing composting bins can be found at the Hardin County Public Library or the Hardin County Cooperative Ex­tension Service.

Elizabethtown residents also can make arrangements with private individuals or lawn maintenance contractors for the hauling and disposal of leaves.

Mary Alford can be reached at 270-505-1741 or malford@thenewsenterprise.com.

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