Local pilot hopes to launch flying club

Roy Cantrall is hoping to launch a flying club with other area pilots.

Cantrall Aviation Flying Club is looking for lift off in Hardin County.

Roy Cantrall is looking for pilots to join with him in creating a flying club of up to 12 members. The members would have access to an airplane without the cost of a small partnership or being the sole owner of an aircraft.

“This is a very economical way to fly and a very good way to make connections with other pilots,” Cantrall said.

A flying club essentially is an aviation co-op, comprising a group of people coming together to share the cost of ownership to make flying more affordable.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Compliance Manual, Order 5190.6B, the FAA defines a flying club as a “nonprofit or not-for-profit entity (e.g., corporation, association, or partnership) organized for the express purpose of providing its members with aircraft for their personal use and enjoyment only.”

Without a doubt, Cantrall said, spreading the acquisition cost of an aircraft and its monthly recurring costs such as a hangar fees, annual maintenance and insurance, among several individuals makes economic sense.

Many pilots earn their private pilot certificate but as time passes and career or family responsibilities grow, flying sometimes gets put on hold because it takes time and money. Flying clubs offer a less expensive way to follow the passion for flight as part of a community of like-minded aviators.

“People like to do that,” he said.

Cantrall said there are flying clubs all across the country, with some even as close as Lexington and Bowling Green, but he said this would be the first flying club in Elizabethtown and the surrounding area. Because of that, he said potential aviators can be a little “shy” about jumping on board.

The current plane Cantrall said he has his eye on for the club, if formed, is a Piper Cherokee 235.

“The airplane is a good airplane. It is a true cross-country airplane,” he said. “Literally, it will carry its weight. It’s a solid cross-country performer.”

However, Cantrall said if the club is unable to form before the plane is sold, then “we’ll go after another quality aircraft that the club would be proud to fly.”

Cantrall said the flying club is only for pilots, however student pilots can inquire about it.

“If they want to try it out, we’re not opposed to it,” he added, noting the cost of insurance will be higher with a student pilot.

Anyone interested in learning more about the club can reach Can­trall at 270-300-6779, p47Lucky1942@yahoo.com or on Facebook at cantrallaviationflyingclub.

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Good luck Roy. My wife is from E-Town and my granddaughter lives there. If we ever relocate there I'll be knocking on your door to join your club. I belong to the Armed Forces Aero Club here in San Diego. Club's are the greatest!


Good luck!! If I were in your area I'd be all over this! Flying clubs are great!!

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