The pageant building at the Hardin County Com­munity Fair & Horse Show was filled with toddlers Thursday night hoping for a prize in the Tiny Miss and Mister Contest.

Some of the toddlers were ready to show off their personality. Others were just having a good time hanging out with family and friends.

Contestants were div­ided into three age groups for 2-, 3- and 4-years-olds and then divided in to boys and girls.

Maximus Hansen, 2, was in his first competition. His older brother competed when the fam­ily lived in LaRue County. When they moved to Eliza­bethtown, his mom Amber wanted Maximus to have his day to shine as well.

“He’s our youngest one and he’s our feistiest one,” she said. “He’s just the cutest thing in my opinion, I might be a little biased.”

He donned a bow tie and carried an oversized backpack. Maximus was happy with the alligator stuffed animal he rece­i­ved after going before the judges. Each child received a stuffed toy for participating.

He must have impress­ed the judges because he won for his age group.

Organizer Linda Tho­mas said judges look for personality, beauty, smile and interaction with judges.

Amelia Brooks, 2, was filled with personality as she went before the judges Thursday night. She blew them a kiss and gave them a wink during the judging.

“We do a ton of pageants,” her mom Miranda said. “It’s actually our first year at the county fair, but she’s done all kinds of pageants this past year. It’s kind of our thing”

Her personality is the key.

“She knows when to turn it on for sure,” she said.

Amelia said she had fun. She wore red boots and a sparky red bow to go with her denim dress.

Charming the judges with a wink worked because she placed second runner up for her group. When she heard her name, she ran to the judges to get her trophy.

Between the two nights, Thomas said there were 81 children total in competition. Children ages newborn to 24 months competed Wednesday night in four age groups.

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