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  • GIRLS' MIDDLE SCHOOL BASKETBALL: T.K. Stone to play Saturday at Rupp Arena (11/26)

    By the time last weekend ended, the T.K. Stone eighth-grade girls’ basketball team was a tired pack of Lady Panthers.

    Based on the results, that was just fine with them.

    After beating Meade County’s Stuart Pepper Middle School in the Middle School Athletic Conference Tournament final on Nov. 18, the Lady Panthers headed to Lexington for the Kentucky Basketball Academy’s eighth-grade girls’ state tournament.

  • United Way gives reasons to be thankful


    As many sit around the dinner table today, passing around turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie, others are thankful just to have basic necessities: a warm, safe place to sleep, clothes to wear, a job, transportation and food for one more day.

    This Thanksgiving, some Hardin County residents are giving thanks for the services they’ve received from agencies funded in part by United Way of Central Kentucky.

  • Gift programs bring holiday cheer


    Hardin County gift donation efforts are seeing an increased need this Christmas season.

    More than 1,100 children have registered for the Angel Tree program and there still are a lot of angels left on the trees, said local Salvation Army Director Lt. Marie Inmon.

    A similar program operated by Helping Hand of the Heartland signed up 150 to 200 more families than last year, said David Dozer, director of Helping Hand of the Heartland and North Hardin HOPE.

  • Bulk of park construction up for bid


    Elizabethtown is soliciting bids for a phase of the Elizabethtown Sports Park that Planning Director Ed Poppe said contains the greatest volume of work.

    Bid phase five includes 30 bid packages involving projects ranging from electrical work to sports fields, lighting and bleachers, according to a memo issued by Elizabethtown Planning and Development.

    Poppe said the majority of construction work is wrapped up in the fifth phase and estimated another phase will remain once phase five’s projects are approved.

  • All the world is Center Stage

    The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York is a tradition that goes back to 1924, and it has become a tradition of sorts for Center Stage Dance Studio in Elizabethtown.
    “This is our ninth year of invitation,” studio owner and instructor Yvonne Groves said.

  • Thanksgiving, fact and fowl


    Thanksgiving is a cultural ritual Americans partake in every year. We prepare meals, watch a parade, eat, watch football, eat again, go shopping and eat some more.
    But how much do we really know about this holiday? Do we stick to the stories we were told in grade school or have we ever thought there’s more to the story — a story more intense than can be told to 8-year-olds?
    Before I delve into the difficult stuff, let’s start with some fun facts.

  • Disney weaves a magical adventure


    Rating: Four out of five

  • 'Antiques Part 1'

    Local Christian musical duo Matt and Joanna Black released a new CD over the weekend.
    The official release date of “Antiques Part 1” was Nov. 21.
    Sample tracks are avaiable at www.mjblack.com or on YouTube. The album is a collection of hymn arrangements and original modern hymns. The premise is that God is continuing to make all things new.

  • A Dash of Class: Three cakes and a casserole

    First of all, let me wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!
    I hope you will be able to be with friends and family and to remember, before you eat all your wonderful dishes, the true meaning of Thanksgiving and whom to thank for this bountiful feast.
    I hope you enjoyed my last two columns about cutting back calories on big holiday dinners and that you were able to use some of the recipes.

  • Upshaw Briggs' life is music

    Upshaw Briggs, 59, became interested in music at age 9 when he first heard Elvis’s “Hound Dog." For his birthday that year he was given piano lessons.
    “I was not impressed at the time because I was expecting a bicycle,” Briggs said.
    But he would soon learn that music was his passion. As a kid he enjoyed sports, but he broke his leg playing sandlot baseball, and music took over.
    It was always a part of his life. He played piano for church and sang in the choir as he grew up.