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  • Alert system will help protect cadets off post

    To keep cadets safe during the Leaders Training Course at Fort Knox, an emergency weather system has been placed near West Point to notify cadets in the field of any impending dangerous weather.

    Because part of the training involves sending cadets off-post, officials decided to add an extra layer of safety during the approximately five days of training that takes place near West Point, said Jeff Markle, a training division representative. A siren will sound to alert cadets and instructors of incoming lightning or tornadoes.

  • The List: Sunglasses for all


    As adults and children alike are enjoying summer activities, it’s important for everyone under the sun to protect their eyes from ultraviolet rays.

  • Educators support Great by 8 plan

    A local education leader joined others across the state Wednesday to show that children who are “great by 8” can be great at any age.

    Al Rider, president and chief executive officer of the North Central Education Foundation, spoke at a statewide summit for the Great by 8 initiative. The effort’s aim is to educate communities on how early childhood education influences economic growth.

    Rider presented information on how businesses can be involved in early childhood education.

  • The Art of Performance: Performance of Props

    The production of “The Secret Garden” in New Albany, Ind., has closed. During the planning and the performance of the musical, I got to experience up close another important part of theater performance. I paid special attention to the technical side of the production, which included the props and sets.

  • Photo: Framing a gazebo
  • Fun but lacks the original's charm

    “Cars 2”
    Rated G for general audiences
    Runtime: 113 minutes
    Release date: June 24
    Rating: three out of five take slates



    Five years ago the world was introduced to Lightening McQueen and Mater in “Cars.” Since then their friendship has grown and now they are on a new adventure in “Cars 2.”

  • Stephensburg Days festivities kick off Friday

    The Laker Drive-In has received an unusual number of phone calls this week.

    “People drive past and call us to ask, ‘What’s going on there at West Hardin?’” said Michelle Bowen, co-owner of the longtime eatery.

    The simple answer is a “bigger and better” Stephensburg Days festival.

    Curious callers usually are referring to carnival rides being set up in the parking lot of West Hardin Middle School, which is one of several new attractions for the festival this year.

  • Jessie sentenced to 35 years in prison

    Amid the high-profile court cases Tuesday in Hardin County, Brandon Jessie, 25, was sentenced to 35 years in prison on a murder charge.

    On June 6, 2010, Jessie fled police in a stolen Mitsubishi Outlander. While running a red light, the vehicle struck another car. The collision killed the driver, James Fentress of Elizabethtown.

    Another vehicle also was struck during the crash and its passengers also were injured.

    Jessie pled guilty June 7 to murder and eight more charges.

  • Louisville woman charged with criminal abuse

    A Louisville woman who allegedly allowed her young son to be physically abused was arrested Tuesday at the Hardin County Detention Center.

    Louisville Metro Police began investigating Jacqueline Hutchins, 31, when her 2-year-old son was admitted April 19 to Kosair Hospital with a potentially life-threatening head injury, said Detective Eugene Maxwell of Kentucky State Police.

    At the hospital, authorities detected other signs of abuse and investigators believe those injuries occurred at the family’s previous residence in Radcliff, Maxwell said.

  • Burke case does not offer simple solutions

    The issue: Dismissal motion for Burke case
    Our view: Justice is not always simple

    In pursuit of justice, truth can be elusive and errors sometimes occur.

    Despite a motion for dismissal from the prosecution, criminal charges remain in effect against Brent Burke. For more than three years, he has been in jail on multiple charges, including two counts of murder related to the brutal deaths of his estranged wife and her former mother-in-law.