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  • North Hardin students form chain of hope

    “I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same,” Rachel Scott, Columbine shooting victim, on the Rachel’s Challenge website.

    Rachel Scott was the first person killed in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999.
    North Hardin High School students recently took up her challenge and a paper chain long enough to more than circle the football field was their evidence. Each slip of paper noting an act of kindness.

  • South Hardin community news

    South Hardin

    Daphne Turpin, 872-3223

    The weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Summer is just around the corner though.

  • Howevalley community news


    Andrea Sherrard, 735-7544

    MAY. Cooler temperatures and still some rain. Highway 86 still is closed off around Franklin Crossroads. It just seems the water won’t go down.

    CONCERNS.I received a voicemail from a community member stating that more support is needed from the community whenever special events are planned in the community.

  • White Mills community news

    White Mills

    Kathleen Booker, 369-7101

    ANNIVERSARY WISHES. Happy anniversary to Brother Don and Brenda Flanigan, who will celebrate their 40th anniversary May 28.

    BIRTHDAY WISHES. Happy belated birthday this past week to Ally Faith Helm.

    SYMPATHY. Sympathy to the families of Charles B. Ray, Ernest Holcomb, James Alberts, Robert Hornback, Jewell Jones and Eva Cecil.

    APPRECIATION. The White Mills Fire Department appreciates everyone who came out and supported its chicken barbecue supper last Saturday night.

  • Cecilia community news


    Irene Dodson, 862-3808

    Where did our summer go? It will be back within a few days I hope, then many will be complaining about how hot it is. Oh well if we weren’t complaining about the weather, we would be whining about something else, now wouldn’t we?

  • Rineyville community news


    Gail Pike, 737-2973

    BIRTHDAYS. This week’s birthdays include: Lydia Wiseman, Daniel Perry, Rita Nall, David Nall, Garrett Greenwell, Kathy Dowdell, Arlie, Ethan Gibson, Jason Crutcher, Brittany Deaton, Stephanie Hall, Jane Lucas, Jason Pike, Mike Gunning, Lydia Miller, Randy Grezsik, Earl Crews, Michael Miller, Ruth Froedge, Luke Shively, Aaron Yates, Bailey Nall, Meredith Cubero, Scott Baker, David Riney, Nina Kaelin, Tyler Vessels, Bert Jones and Gene Miller.

  • DUIs

     The following cases of Driving Under the Influence and the resolution of those cases are found in Hardin District Court Division I in Elizabethtown. ADE is an abbreviation for Alcohol Driver Education, BAC is the Blood Alcohol Concentration reading, KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs, EIP stands for Early Intervention Program and VIP stands for Victims Impact Panel. A service fee is added to all DUIs and court costs are added to all charges. Birth year is in parenthesis.


  • Traffic and misdemeanors

     The following misdemeanor and traffic violation cases are found in Hardin District Court Division I in Elizabethtown. KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs. Totals include court costs and/or public advocacy fees. Birth year is in parenthesis.

    Troy D. Cary (1988). Failure of non-owner to maintain required insurance. Total $194.

    Donald R. Goben Jr. (1973). Theft by deception. Total $155.

  • Divorces

    The following marriage dissolutions have been granted in Hardin Circuit Court in Elizabethtown.

    Alejandro Ramirez, 39, Fort Benning, Ga., and Jennifer M. Ramirez, 35, Vine Grove. Married 11 years.

    Dillard Lee Logsdon, 37, Elizabethtown, and Sandra Michelle Alvey, 33, Leitchfield. Married six years.

    James R. Prather, 52, and Sharon J. Prather, 54, both of Elizabethtown. Married 11 years.

    Adam Yeager, 29, and Dana Yeager, 29, both of Radcliff. Married five years.

  • Marriages

     The following marriage licenses have been issued in Hardin County.

    Jana Stewart, 29, and Nicholas Andre Najera, 33, both of Radcliff.

    Lucinda Sue Palmer, 49, and Wade Patrick Tabor, 57, both of Radcliff.

    Brittany Taylor Thompson, 22, and Timothy A. Steadman, 22, both of Hamlin, N.Y.

    Charmaine Ashley Eugenio Araceley, 25, and Stanley Keith Dunnaway, 27, both of Radcliff.

    Heather Marie Domingos, 28, and Thomas Ray Musgrave, 28, both of Elizabethtown.