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  • Sound the alarm: Grant money awarded for Stephensburg weather siren

    The Stephensburg Fire Department recently received awarded grant money to place a weather siren on Leitchfield Road between the fire department and old school building.

    “It’s just something we’ve needed for a long time,” said David Paynter, Stephensburg fire chief.

    The department applied for the mitigation grant about 18 months ago, the chief said. The siren, which will serve the entire Stephensburg population, must be installed no later than Dec. 30, said Leslie Mahoney, state hazard mitigation officer.

  • The long job search

    Recession has become commonplace in conversation the past few years. While many adults have been hit hard during these turbulent economic times, many overlook the fact that teenagers are feeling the strain as well.

    The 2011 national unemployment rate for job-seekers age 16 to 19 was about 25 percent, according to U.S. labor statistics. 

  • Leitchfield executive to challenge Tim Moore

    After three decades as chief executive officer of Twin Lakes Regional Medical Center, Stephen Meredith plans to retire at the close of 2012. His new venture is politics.

    Meredith, 58, plans to file today as a Republican candidate for the 19th House District, which contains all of Grayson County and stretches across the center of Hardin County.

    The district’s new design influenced Meredith’s decision. While speaking highly of previous officeholders, the Leitchfield resident said the representative has been a resident of another county for decades.

  • January's The Blurb

    Rising Voices’ take on all things entertainment  


  • Ceremony closes chapter at Fort Knox

    Lt. Gen. Benjamin Freakley said leaders with optimism, energy, loyalty and offensive spirits make a difference in the U.S. Army.

    Fort Knox will continue to have leaders with those qualities through all of the changes that occur, he said.

    Fort Knox bid farewell Wednesday to the Accessions Command and Freakley during a discontinuation and retirement ceremony.
    The ceremony represented the inactivation and accomplishments of Accessions Command since it began about 10 years ago.

  • Governor's budget allocates $14 million for veterans nursing home in Radcliff

    Gov. Steve Beshear has proposed $14 million in state bond allocations to go toward building a veterans nursing home in Radcliff.

    The money is included in the governor’s proposed two-year budget, which now stands for approval by the state legislature.

    Rep. Tim Moore, R-Elizabethtown, said it will take another two months for the legislature to “iron out” the newly proposed budget. The state legislature never has adopted a budget as proposed by Beshear, according to Moore.

  • Radcliff, West Point officials consider county trash mandate a load of garbage

    A handful of city officials have trashed a plan in front of Hardin Fiscal Court to mandate cities take their refuse to Pearl Hollow Landfill.

    Council members in Radcliff and West Point have said the county mandate would tie the hands of cities to find the most cost effective deals and would stifle competition.

    State law gives county governments authority over waste generated in a county and allows a county to restrict where trash is taken should it choose to do so.

  • PREP WRESTLING: Fort Knox's Traylor rumbles ahead (1/19)

    When Steven Traylor joined the Fort Knox High School wrestling team his sophomore year, longtime coach Jarvis Cullen thought the youngster from Fort Hood, Texas, had tremendous upside.

    “He’s strong, he’s quick and he’s built very well,” Cullen said. “Once I saw how strong and quick he was the next stage was to get his technique down. Once he got past that first couple of weeks, we realized he had the potential to be a good wrestler.”

    Take a look where Traylor is now.

  • Small appliance brings warm breakfast bliss

    A few days after Christmas, I went shopping with the money I was given for Christmas and a coupon in hand.

    I walked in the store and scanned the shelves for the purchase that awaited me.

    There it was, in the kitchen appliance section. It was sitting there, waiting for me.

    I got in line and shuffled the box around, trying hard not to drop it as I waited. At the register I carefully gave the cashier my item and coupon.

    Bonus, it was on sale.

  • Disney invites audiences to be their guest again with 'Beauty and the Beast 3-D'

    An enchanted castle, a mysterious beast and a strong-willed town maiden all join together for a familiar tale. A “tale as old as time,” you might say.

    “Beauty and the Beast” hits the big screen again, but this time in 3-D. Audiences also see a special “Tangled” treat with the animated short film “Tangled Ever After.” 

    The film originally was released in 1991 during what many have called Disney’s renaissance period. It followed the successful release of “The Little Mermaid.”