Today's News

  • County to strengthen language about waste collection

    Hardin Fiscal Court on Tuesday approved the first reading of an ordinance clarifying language mandating all trash generated inside the county be taken to the Pearl Hollow Landfill.

    Kentucky statute places the county in control of where trash generated within its borders can be transported and the mandate has been implied for years in city franchise agreements without explicitly being stated in writing, said Hardin County Judge-Executive Harry Berry.

  • Vine Grove to consider preventative maintenance

    Vine Grove officials must prepare to spend some of the city’s limited resources to perform preventative maintenance.

    Mayor Blake Proffitt told Vine Grove City Council members during their meeting Monday that some city equipment needs to be repaired or replace.

    Among the most immediate concerns is getting a new dump truck to replace one that has damage to the bed, making it only useful for ice and snow removal.

  • Photo: A sign of change?
  • Police arrest Elizabethtown man wanted on meth warrant

    The Elizabethtown Police Department arrested a man who had been wanted on a bench warrant for methamphetamine-related charges since June.

    Robin McFadden Sr., 65, was arrested Monday afternoon at his 126 James Street residence in Elizabethtown, according to the citation.

    Detective Rob Green with the Greater Hardin County Narcotics Task Force said investigators had checked that address several times before, but McFadden had not been there.

  • Prosecutor files motion to dismiss charges against ex-teacher

    The Commonwealth’s Attorney Office filed a motion Tuesday morning to dismiss two charges of first-degree sexual abuse against former teacher Steven Gray.

    Gray, 29, was teaching social studies at Central Hardin High School when Hardin County Schools received an anonymous phone call alleging the teacher had engaged in sexual contact with multiple female students. Gray was fired and eventually arrested on sexual abuse charges in December 2010.

  • Differentiated instruction becoming the standard in Fort Knox schools


    I am delighted to announce the adoption of differentiated instruction in the Fort Knox Community Schools. 

    This initiative is adapted from Carol Ann Tomlinson’s 2002 book on teaching and learning, "Differentiating Instruction for Academic Diversity." 

  • With beer for sale, DUI arrests increase marginally

    With beer for sale at various locations in Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Vine Grove, driving under the influence arrests marginally increased in two of the cities during the holiday week from Dec. 24-Jan. 2.

    Area law enforcement agencies arrested more than 20 for impaired driving during the period, including nine DUI arrests in Elizabethtown, five in Radcliff and one in Vine Grove. In 2010, seven DUI arrests were made in Elizabethtown, two in Vine Grove and one in Radcliff.

  • The Best: A delicious, traditional snack mix

    I really love both of these recipes that are featured today.

    Photographer Jill Pickett shared this recipe for Nuts and Bolts with me recently. I was so glad to get it because I have always loved Nuts and Bolts but had lost my original recipe. I’ve looked online several times and there are many recipes out there, all variations of this one, but this one suits me perfectly. Jill’s Grandma Pickett always made this for family gatherings, especially at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and Jill’s mom, Theresa, has carried on this tradition.

  • Suzanne Shircliff is one of Hardin County's Finest Cooks

    For readers in the northern Hardin County area, the name Estelle Harper might ring a bell. She worked at North Hardin High School for more than 40 years, and her daughter, Suzanne Shircliff, worked there for 10 years. Suzanne’s mother was her mentor, much like my own mom.

  • Staff, students bond in face of principal’s death

    LaRue County Schools worked to support each other Monday after losing a beloved staff member.

    School officials and students at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School in Hodgenville tried to return to a sense of normalcy Monday after losing their principal, Amber Thurman, in a car crash Saturday morning.

    Teachers were given a statement to read to students to explain Thurman’s death, but administrators wanted to keep the day as normal as possible, Superintendent Sam Sanders said.