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  • Nov. 16 Local History



    30 years ago, Newberry’s on Public Square in Elizabethtown planned to close on Dec. 31, after 49 years in business.


    20 years ago, the national commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars urged a local post to shore up membership, apply pressure on Congress to provide more money for veterans’ hospitals and to push for a constitutional amendment against burning the United States flag.

  • Nov. 10 Local History

    Nov. 10

    30 years ago, in a closed hearing where at least two juveniles testified, it was decided that the case of two Eastview men charged with promoting prostitution would be sent to the grand jury.

    20 years ago, German natives welcomed the collapse of the Berlin wall, hoping to see their childhood homes once again.


  • Nov. 13 Local Histories

    Nov. 13

    30 years ago, Hardin County Board of Education members named the new elementary school that would be built New Highland after an old one-room school that once was located in the area.

    20 years ago, it was announced that it would be De-cember before the Hardin County Planning and De-velopment Commission would hear an assessment for a 339 acre regional solid waste landfill located off Lower Colesburg Road.


  • Dec. 27 Local History


  • Dec. 8 Local History

    30 years ago, Hardin County Schools announced that lunches for students would be hiked a nickel in January; the school lunches would cost 55 cents for elementary children, 60 cents for junior high and high school students, and 75 cents for adults. 20 years ago, two cable television companies seeking franchises in Hardin County were told by the Hardin County Cable Regulatory Board that they would need to adjust their bids before plans could be approved; the companies were MW1 Cablesy

  • Dec. 18 Local History

    30 years ago, Fort Knox released a Draft Environmental Impact Statement concerning the mission on post; the report explained Fort Knox’s impact on the physical, biological and cultural environment of the surrounding area. 20 years ago, the U.S.

  • Dec. 29 Local History


  • Nov. 11 Local Histories

    Nov. 11

    30 years ago, concerned citizens of Hardin, LaRue and Meade counties offered a minimum $10,000 re-ward for anyone who furnished information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the murder of Kentucky State Trooper Edward Ray Harris as Harris was laid to rest in Hodg-enville.

    20 years ago, two men were shot at an Elizabeth-town motel after they were caught in an exchange of gunfire while looking for a relative they thought were at the motel.


  • County budget clears first reading



    Hardin County government’s budget successfully cleared a first reading Tuesday, but the vote was not without controversy.

    Commissioner Bill Brandenburg requested a delay of first reading while he sought a state attorney general’s opinion on a failed motion. He voted against the first reading based on his findings and said he felt the refusal to add $1,500 in funding for Wesley Hilltop House’s senior program was a denial of the majority’s wishes.

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