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  • Wise counsel retiring after 41 years with HCS


  • June 2, 2010: Our readers write

    Guthrie: A one-term congressman The 111th Congress should be the one and only Congress in which Brett Guthrie is allowed to represent Kentucky’s 2nd District. Guthrie’s belated attempt to get citizens to “speak out” is a farce. Guthrie doesn’t listen to us. He takes his directions from the Republican trinity of Rush, Boehner and McConnell.

  • The Art of Performance: Cue words work


    One of the joys of being a performance consultant is the ability to use the skills you teach to other performers. Recently I had the opportunity to use and appreciate one of the foundational skills that I teach to performers on a regular basis. The particular technique I emphasized was the use of cue words in self talk.

  • Be a D.I.V.A.

    The News-Enterprise

    The annual D.I.V.A. Society networking tea social will be 11 a.m. -2 p.m. June 26 at Colvin Community Center, 230 Freedoms Way, in Radcliff.

    Featuring guest speaker the Rev. Patricia Whalen-Wright of St. Stephen Baptist Church in Louisville, the social is open to the public and provides the D.I.V.A. Society a way to reach out to members of the community and to generate ideas for projects and activities to undertake in the coming year.

  • What does your e-mail mean to you?

    By Janelle Williams It's rather peculiar when you consider it, but your e-mail address is an embodiment of yourself. Think about it, you're condensing yourself in the limited amount of 16 to 32 characters. Your address conveys what you esteem most to your fellow peers and employers.

    Teens in Hardin County are not immune to this universal truth.

    For Lydia Thomas, 15, of Elizabethtown, her e-mail address is also a personification of what she values. Hers is "familyof12."

  • RISING VOICES: Do you tattoo?


    Express yourself any way you please. Through clothing, jewelry, food — through tattoos.

    The long-going movement of tattoos across the world has brought people together in one of the most common ways. Much like a smile, tattoos are also a form of an international language. Ink art is used for rituals, personal expression and religion all across the map.

  • Oh boy, it's a girl



    I think I wanted a girl. That's pretty hard to admit.

    It goes without saying I would have been happy with a baby who was healthy and happy. But if I'm honest with myself, my preferences leaned toward female.

  • Man pleads to West Point crimes



    A man accused of multiple sex crimes, including rape, sodomy and sexual abuse that allegedly occurred between May 2007 and 2008, was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday in Elizabethtown after admitting to sexual contact with a child in West Point.

    An attorney speaking for Larry Wayne Kendall Jr., 36, told 9th Circuit Judge Kelly Mark Easton that his client admitted to placing the hand of a 7-year-old on his genitals while drunk and sharing a bed with the child.

  • RISING VOICES: Point/Counterpoint



    In high school come many unique experiences: first car, first job, senior prom and graduation to name a few.

    Teens also make countless life-altering decisions, the most important one being what to do with your life.

    Choosing whether to attend college isn’t a decision you make and follow through with in a day, or even a week.

  • Elizabethtown budget reduced further



    Mayor David Willmoth on Wednesday introduced a slimmer, $57 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year, but Elizabethtown is not lacking activity.

    The budget is $3 million smaller than last year’s $60 million budget and is considerably smaller than the $67 million budget adopted in 2008.

    The $57 million is expected appropriations for general government, debt service, water, sewer, and gas utilities, and the Tourism and Convention Bureau.