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  • Of unicorns, leprechauns and lost CDs

    By ROBERT VILLANUEVA   Let’s say you wanted to buy a CD player. And let’s say you went to several stores but couldn’t find one you liked. You looked at every type but just couldn’t find one suitable to your needs. Maybe it was too bulky. Maybe it was too small. Maybe it didn’t have enough features. Maybe it had too many.

  • Dollars and Sense: Understanding the ABCs of the AMT

    Understanding the ABCs of the AMT Are you aware of all the tax laws that affect you? Many people are often surprised to find themselves subject to the AMT, which is short for the alternative minimum tax. Although this tax was originally intended for a narrow group of taxpayers, it is now estimated to have an impact on millions of people. The Kentucky Society of CPAs explains what you

  • Ask the Expert: Create a to-do list that works


    Picture it: You are lying comfortably in bed, your body relaxing against the silky softness of your Egyptian cotton sheets, when suddenly your eyes pop open and you remember something you almost forgot. All feelings of relaxation are gone and in their place is the symphony of your husband’s snores and the racing thoughts in your head.

    What do you do? Frantically reach into the darkness for your last Ambien? No.

    You carefully reach for the notebook and pencil you keep beside your bed for times like this.

  • Fish and Wildlife to re-open Otter Creek Park



    Officials are expected to announce today that the state Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources will re-open and run Otter Creek Park.

    Louisville Metro Parks closed the Meade County facility to the public early last year to save money, sparking protests and various proposals about what to do with the 2,600-acre facility along the banks of the Ohio River.

  • Dollars and Sense: Understand your credit score

    “What’s your credit score?” That might be the question. But the answer is another question: “What’s in your credit file?”

  • Reaching a milestone

    By MARTY FINLEY mfinley@thenewsenterprise.com In 2003, the United States began mobilizing its military forces into Iraq; at the same time, a fledgling military charity was taking its first steps. Fast forward seven years and both efforts look markedly different. USA Cares announced this week it has reached a milestone of $7 million in aid to military families. Executive Director Bi

  • Over-the-top fun

    “The A-Team” Rated: PG-13 for intense sequences of action and violence throughout, language and smoking Release date: June 11 Runtime: 118 minutes Rating: three and a half out of five take slates  

  • PREP BASEBALL: Greenup knocks out Central (6/15)

    By CHUCK JONES cjones@thenewsenterprise.com LEXINGTON — The Central Hardin Bruins didn’t pick a good day to not be at their best. Greenup County senior Ethan Hardin and his Musketeer teammates had something to do with it for sure. Hardin limited the Bruins to

  • Photo: Who says grass doesn't sweat?
  • Otter Creek Park to re-open next spring

    By JOHN FRIEDLEIN jfriedlein@thenewsenterprise.com Kentucky government officials and the city of Louisville on Wednesday signed a letter of intent to transfer Otter Creek Park to the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. The Meade County park, which the city shuttered in January 2009 because of a budget crunch, is expected to open next spring as Otter Creek Outdoor Recreatio