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  • A Dash of Class: Mona Long is September's 'Finest Cook'


    Today’s Finest Cook will not be a stranger to many of you.

    You may know her from St. James Catholic Church or as a North Hardin High School graduate. Or you may know her for the same reason I do. Many of you that have seen the movie, “Steel Magnolias,” know that there is a lot of truth in it. If you have a regular hairdresser you know how many times the revolving chair is like a psychiatrist’s couch.

  • Aug. 11, 2010, editorial: North Park provides unique opportunity

    The beginning of each school year brings a degree of anticipation, stress and confusion. Imagine opening a school where every student and every staff member is in a new setting. That was the task facing North Park Elementary School and the general consensus is the new kindergarten center in Radcliff completed the task successfully. Staff members get a replay of the first day this Tues

  • Aug. 18: Our readers write

    Proud of  Wall Against Hunger

    It’s my understanding the No. 1 goal of Building a Wall Against Hunger is to feed the hungry and honor all veterans of the Vietnam War.

  • Sept. 2: Services


  • Aug. 29, 2010: Our readers write

    Tea Party ‘dissed’

  • Art show to offer 'Small Treasures'

    IF YOU GO: The Heartland Regional Fine Art Exhibit held by the Central Kentucky Art Guild will be Saturday through Sept. 30 at Woodland Gallery and Framing, 2410 Ring Road, Suite. 300, Elizabethtown.

  • Aug. 24, 2010, editorial: Roundabout expected to improve traffic

    A traffic headache for many motorists traveling in and out of Rineyville has been addressed head on with the addition of a roundabout connecting Ky. 1600 and Ky. 220. Growth in the Rineyville area has increased over the last decade and created congestion at the intersection designed originally for a much less traffic. Progress in the county has created growing pains as once less populated areas grow into residential neighborhoods.

  • Aug. 8, 2010: Our readers write

    Beautify the overpass

    Having been blessed to have lived most of my four score years here in Hardin County, I have watched as Elizabethtown has grown in many ways; the radio, TV, electricity, interstate highways, L&N Railroad, airport and industrial development. It’s wonderful to watch as our towns are shaped by the events of our time.

  • Ask the Expert: Beat the heat; have a drink


    Water is essential to the human body even though it doesn’t provide vitamins, minerals or other nutrients.

    On average, 60 percent of your body is water, and every system in your body depends on water to function. Fluid intake becomes crucial during the summer to help regulate body temperature and prevent heat stroke.

  • Katrina jazz musicians return to Louisville this weekend

    The News-Enterprise

    Five years ago, a Louisville synagogue brought in four displaced musicians from New Orleans to play traditional New Orleans jazz at venues across the city. For one weekend, the Louisville community gave them a home and a place to play their music away from Hurricane Katrina.

    Now, five years later, Congregation Adath Jeshurun is bringing back the legendary clarinet player, Dr. Michael White, and his quartet of world-renowned musicians to raise money for the Gulf region.