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  • April 18, 2010: Our readers write

    Upholding Constitution not a ‘waste of money’

    I have contacted Attorney General Jack Conway on at least three occasions asking him to defend our constitutional rights by joining lawsuits seeking to find health care reform unconstitutional. The first occasion brought a response that Conway was “monitoring” the situation. I don’t think that response was very truthful given what I heard him say later. My other two attempts brought no reply at all.

  • Survival knows no age limit



    Sydney Dover is just in kindergarten, but she already knows what it’s like to be a cancer survivor.

    Dover, 6, and her family have been chosen as an ambassador family for Hardin County Relay for Life. A Relay event will take place at 6 p.m. today through 6 a.m. Saturday at Central Hardin High School. A second event is June 4 at North Hardin High School.

  • Fallen peace officers honored during Radcliff rites



    Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 39 of Radcliff held a memorial ceremony for fallen law enforcement officers Friday afternoon as National Police week ended.

    The memorial at Radcliff Police Department is part of a network of ceremonies held across the nation in honor of Peace Officers Memorial Day, which was Saturday.

  • April 15: Our readers write

    The Democrats’ new plantation The plantation system for growing cash crops such as rice, cotton, sugar, indigo and tobacco dominated the southern United States from the late 16th century through the Civil War. Slavery, the engine of these plantations, was strongly defended by the Democratic Party. Their main arguments, aside from the U.S. Constitution, were first that it was a

  • Tackling a different kind of challenge

    By KELLY R. CANTRALL kcantrall@thenewsenterprise.com Brushing up on interest rates usually only gets someone a better deal on a loan, but for four North Hardin High School students, it won a state title. The students will travel to Kansas City, Mo., to compete in a national Personal Finance Challenge, an academic competition in which the students will be tested on vario

  • May 14 Services


  • April 18, 2010, Guest editorial: Killing Saturday delivery? Not so fast

    National media report that Saturday mail delivery may go the way of the milk wagon, and that a wide majority of Americans think that’s ok. Hold on. Congress must act first, and that is not likely to happen soon. Some Congressional leaders worry about trimming mail service, even if only 35 percent of people surveyed by Gallup last summer disapprove. Poll results are guided by t

  • April 29, 2010: Our readers write

    Talon Spell an inspiration

    Wow, what an inspiration! Kudos to you, Talon Spell, for all you are doing. You are incredibly brave to be taking on such a huge responsibility at 9 years of age.

    I, too, have been in your shoes; and I, too, have felt your pain. Years of binge eating and sitting back watching my friends do things I could only dream of doing. Wishing I were slimmer, funnier, smarter, better-looking and braver.

  • April 25, 2010 editorial: A job well (not) done

    It is a troubling trend with the Kentucky General Assembly. For the third time in the past four budget sessions, legislators failed to produce a two-year spending plan for state government.

    As a result and to avoid a shut-down of government offices and programs, Gov. Steve Beshear must call them back to Frankfort for a special session to finish the job – at an extra taxpayer expense of more than $60,000 a day.

  • A mother's love is like no other


    How many times must her heart have broken? How many times must it have leapt?

    How many times must her pulse have quickened, her nerves tensed, her hands wrung with anticipation, with fear?

    How many times must she have cried? Glad tears. Sad tears. Tears for no reason and for every reason.

    Not for herself, but for me.

    Each time I thought I was alone —

    When a relationship didn’t work out.

    When I learned a friend had died.