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  • A mother's love is like no other


    How many times must her heart have broken? How many times must it have leapt?

    How many times must her pulse have quickened, her nerves tensed, her hands wrung with anticipation, with fear?

    How many times must she have cried? Glad tears. Sad tears. Tears for no reason and for every reason.

    Not for herself, but for me.

    Each time I thought I was alone —

    When a relationship didn’t work out.

    When I learned a friend had died.

  • April 28, 2010 editorial: Connelly and others thanked for their commitment to education

    The countdown to the end of the school year for students, teachers, administrators and school staff has been trimmed from months and weeks to days.

    Another school year is nearing an end.

    For many who have taught our children, driven them to school or helped prepare their school lunches, it also means the end to a career.

    When school begins in August at East Hardin Middle School, the person in charge will be a new face for the first time in the school’s middle school history.

  • Fifth annual Hooray for Heroes festival hits the target



    Army Staff Sgt. Chad Bolding said Radcliff was the first place he has been stationed where the community put on an event for the military.

  • April 23: Our readers write

    Do your job School teachers get paid to teach. If they don’t teach they would be fired. Trash collectors get paid to collect and dispose of trash. What would happen if they failed to perform their duties? They would be fired. Postal Service workers get paid to deliver the mail. What would happen if the mail didn’t get delivered? Someone would be fired. Our elected state

  • Hooray for Heroes 2009

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  • April 29, 2010 editorial: Preparing public for today's forum

    The community opportunity to weigh in on the Hardin County Vision project is today.

    The 24 topics, including a few that have been reworded for clarity, have been sorted into three categories for consideration: Education, governance and community development. After a brief review of the survey and fact-gathering process, this afternoon’s meeting will be opened for comment.

  • May 14, 2010: Obituaries

    Charles Connor Mr. Charles H. Connor, 93, of Elizabethtown, died Monday, May 10, 2010, at his residence. He was preceded in death by his wife, Emma Reno Connor.He was a United States Army veteran and co-founder of the Black History Museum of Elizabethtown. Survivors include his nieces, Andrea Jones, Evelyn Raglin Jones, Leah Jones, Barbara (Kevin) Malbury, Angela Daniels and Lynn Ba

  • Photos: Festival provides relaxation and fun for all ages
  • Faces and Places: Area women build something together

    By JILL PICKETT jpickett@thenewsenterprise.com Saturday morning, May 8th, women raised a racket and several walls at 319 Guthrie Place in Elizabethtown. The house is a Habitat for Humanity project and that was the local build day for National Women Build Week. Hardin County Habitat for Humanity will receive $5,000 from Lowe’s for holding the National Women Build Week event, said Tris

  • SpringFest springs Saturday



    There should be something for just about everyone in Glendale on Saturday as the 8th annual Glendale SpringFest is held.

    "It has evolved over the years by word of mouth,'' said SpringFest chairwoman, Bonnie Lush. Last year there were between 3,000 and 5,000 people who attended the event, and it rained that day.

    Lush said organizers wanted to branch out for a wide variety of music and she thinks that has been accomplished.