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  • Sept. 16 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, for the first time, second- and third-graders at Helmwood Heights used math mini-computers to make numbers come alive. 20 years ago, Wendell Saltsman, a Hardin County School System maintenance man, was injured while repairing a roof at Lincoln Trail Elementary School after falling about 10 feet from a ladder to the lower level of the school's roof. 10 years ago, an African American Radcliff woman was claiming racism was a factor in a court battle where she and four other African American women were charged with organiz

  • Sept. 30 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, no new chapters had been added to the tale of two landfills in Hardin County as a proposed private industrial landfill on the south edge of Elizabethtown remained closed in the wake of reports that it could pollute half of the city's water supply and a site for the second landfill, to serve city and county, had not yet been selected. 20 years ago, Jim and Karolyn Nunnallee filed suit against Ford Motor Company on charges related to the Carrollton bus crash in which their daughter, Patty, died.

  • Sept. 24 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, the health spa project planned for Elizabethtown was still a "go," but the project opening had been set back until late summer or early fall of the next year, according to its developer William Hartman.

  • Oct 1 Local History

    In Hardin County,

    30 years ago, former Louisville mayor, Harvey Sloane, who was running for the office of governor of Kentucky, walked through Hardin County as part of his goal to walk through the whole state. Sloane walked through Kentucky to find out the concerns of Kentuckians and to generate some publicity for his campaign.

  • Ask the Expert: What to look for when buying a planner

    By AMY KEELING WALTON   Here’s one you probably have never heard: Owning a planner is like owning a gun. Both cannot fulfill their purpose unless used wisely by their owners. I am not a gun owner myself, but my husband is.

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    ELIZABETHTOWN — Those on hand Saturday at the Hardin County History Museum were transplanted into a bygone era.

    While the museum is known as a touchstone to county roots, members of the Historic Downtown Costumed Walking Tour were present, conjuring up an interactive twist on the history the museum weaves. It was all part of a A Day at the Museum, designed to foster more interest in the museum by making its content more tangible.