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  • Marriages

    The following marriage licenses have been issued in Hardin County.

  • Cecilia community news


    Irene Dodson, 862-3808

    What beautiful weather we have been having for the time of year. I know some of my co-writers want snow, but by the time they reach my age they may change their minds. For when the roads are slick and the driving is treacherous, we feel we really shouldn’t be out there on the roads, especially by ourselves. Besides all the expense it costs the county to treat the roads to keep them less dangerous to drive on.

  • White Mills community news

    White Mills

    Kathleen Booker, 862-4922

    Hardin County Schools last day before winter break is Tuesday. School will resume on Jan. 3.

    ANNIVERSARY WISHES. Happy anniversary to Shelby and Elizabeth Bailey and Jimmy and Betty Strader.

    SYMPATHY. Sympathy to the families of Saundra Powers, Lorena Barnes, Betty Coyle and Harold Lawson.

  • Stephensburg community news


    Betty Pullen, 862-4844


    Hello readers, hope the weather is good for shopping and putting everyone in the spirit of Christmas. I will have a Christmas story for the next column that I hope everyone will enjoy.

    GET-WELL WISHES. Get-well prayers for the following, Mackie and Rita Lyons, Norman and Betty Keith, Les and Mrs.(Gene) Grimes, Mr. Dean Daugherty and his wife, Betty, Charlie Brown, France Peters, Doris Peters, Brenda Bradley, Gene Ford, Lisa Hart, Wayne Blair, Bobby Hart, Richard Mizzwell and Carl Peters.

  • South Hardin community news

    South Hardin

    Daphne Turpin, 872-3223

    There still has been no snow. I know many of you are thrilled with this but I am still hoping for a little Christmas magic.

    BIRTHDAYS. Happy birthday wishes go to Betty Simpson, Gary Coffey, Meghan McGuffin, Teri Goodman, Dylan Beger, Mason Martin, Linda Wade, Mary Ann Ball, Kelly Kean, Tara Graziano, Andy Brawner, Brett Gregory, Colin Shipp, Christian House, Joe Montgomery, Becky Burgess, Mary Ramsey, Rita Taylor and Jacob Wooten (16 years old).

  • Rineyville community news


    Gail Pike, 737-2973

    BIRTHDAYS. This week’s birthdays include Abbie Newton, Matt Reed, Mike Colasanti, Chuck Padgett, Tina Shacklette, Mimi Pike, Paul Pate, Bobbie Wiseman, Elaine Watts and Vicki Taylor.

  • Howevalley community news


    Andrea Sherrard Gilpin, 735-7845

    Cory and I finally decided on a green Christmas tree as our first tree. We decorated it with special ornaments with our families names on them. Daddy and sis finally decorated the outside of their home last weekend. As usual there is the inflatable snowman. Are they wishing for snow? A little snow on Christmas would be nice.

  • Martins celebrate 60th anniversary

    Josephine Riley and Sterling Martin of Elizabethtown celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Nov. 24, 2011, at their home.

    They were married Nov. 17, 1951, in Indianapolis.

    Mr. Martin worked for Jenkins-Essex and is a member of Heavenbound Baptist Church.

    Mrs. Martin is a homemaker and also is a member of Heavenbound Baptist Church.

  • Williamses to celebrate 50th anniversary

    Bobby and Shirley Williams of White Mills will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 24, 2011. They were married Dec. 24, 1961, at Valley Creek Baptist Church in Elizabethtown.

    Shirley Parrett Williams is the daughter of the late Pete and Julia Mae Parrett. She is retired from the Hardin County Schools where she was an instructional aide. She attends Center Point Baptist Church.

  • Crosses celebrate 40th anniversary

    Hugh and Susan Davis Cross of Radcliff will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary Dec. 17, 2011.

    They were married Dec. 17, 1971,at Stovall United Methodist Church in Radcliff.

    Mr. Cross is retired from the U.S. Postal Service, and Mrs. Cross is retired from the Hardin County Schools.

    They have two children, Carrie Martin of Radcliff and Jocelyn Bulla of Cary, N.C.; a granddaughter and two grandsons.

    They will celebrate with their family at Christmas.