Today's News

  • Wikipedia proves reliable, relevant

    By Michael Niemeyer

    In the ever-fluctuating world of technology, it is hard to know the real deal.

    Many websites have false or misleading information, while others just want to flood web surfers with advertisements and make a quick buck.

    Wikipedia, website of controversy, is often accused of many wrongdoings and is seen as an unreliable website by some.

    The goal of Wikipedia is made clear by one of its founders, Jimmy Whales.

  • Military answered the call: How will we respond?

    As thoughts for this time of the year turn to counting our blessings, may I suggest that chief among them is the willingness of our fellow Americans to defend our freedom generation after generation.

    Since Pearl Harbor some 70 years ago, three generations of Americans have answered our nation’s call to duty in her defense. Today, we are in the 11th consecutive year of the Global War on Terror.

  • Singing to your health in the new year

    By Alexis Piscatello

    Christmas might have put you in the mood for singing but don’t stop the melody in the new year.

    Danielle Hethcox, a math tutor who volunteers at Fort Knox, said she sings during Christmas because she knows all the words to the Christmas hymns.

    “It’s almost more socially acceptable to sing during the holidays,” she said. “People are generally more positive.”

    Singing does invoke positive feelings in us, but there are health aspects to singing, as well.

  • Point/Counterpoint: Who is the king of hip-hop? Lil’ Wayne

    By Michael Niemeyer

    Throughout history, kings rise to power and fall.

    In the world of music, kings also rise and fall. Despite the steady decline in the quality of hip-hop music, and the flaky domination of expired 1990s artists, Lil’ Wayne has persevered and created more masterpieces than any other modern hip-hop artist. 

    He is, without a doubt, the current ruler of the realm of hip-hop and the undeniable king of the industry.

  • Point/Counterpoint: Who is the king of hip-hop? Jay Z

    By Caleb Moore

    “They call me King Hov, copy?” 

    Even with his indicative song lyrics set aside, it is plain to see Shawn “Jay Z” Carter has a definite hold on the rap game. Take a glance at any aspect of his hip-hop career and it’s clear he has truly conquered. In music, Jay Z’s impact has been meaningful, long-lasting and voluminous.

  • Boxes full of good tidings provide holiday help

    Helping Hand of Hope Executive Director David Dozer described volunteers at Magnet Business Park on Monday as Santa’s little elves working feverishly to give needy families a good Christmas this year.

    A warehouse space the charitable agency has been occupying inside the business center was chock full of toys, clothes and food items Monday as volunteers unloaded more shipments of donated goods while others sorted and organized items and some filled food boxes with the essentials for a proper Christmas meal.

  • Getting in the holiday spirit

    Mae Knight, left, president of the Optimist Club of Radcliff, presented Sara Ferrell with a Certificate of Appreciation at the Optimists’ Christmas party Dec. 13. Ferrell read the story “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to club members, putting everyone in the holiday spirit.

  • In Migrant Education Program, tutors travel, too

    Sheila Newman was bombarded by the knee-high inhabitants of the Reyeses house. Marcia, 4, and Clarita, 3, clamored around Newman, shouting “hellos” and showing off pink princess necklaces.

    Newman cooed appropriately over the plastic jewelry and walked upstairs to the kitchen.

    The house was fairly empty because the Reyeses’ still were settling in after a recent move. Little Eduardo, 1, was asleep on the couch; Joseline, 7, and Francisco, 9, were preparing for a tutoring session with Newman.

  • War hero's tale becomes part of county's heritage

    The Hardin County History Museum immortalized a local war hero Saturday and placed the first U.S. Air Force exhibit in its ranks for public view.

    The museum honored Air Force Capt. Vanley Johnson by putting his uniform and dog tags on display, which was unveiled by members of Johnson’s family. A photo of Johnson and a plaque bearing his name accompanied the uniform.

  • Kids Cafe seeks new quarters

    Nelle Thomas is looking for a Christmas miracle — a glimmer of hope in a time when the loving hand of a Good Samaritan or two is needed.

    Thomas, director of Kids Café, a local community outreach program, said the program has grown beyond its current space and needs a new home.

    Kids Café has called New Hope Community Church on Dee Street in Elizabethtown home for about four years. Starting modestly, the program initially served about 20 children and was designed as a Bible study until volunteers realized the children were hungry, Thomas said.