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  • Nov. 22 editorial: Helping others is part of holiday spirit

    TOPIC: Helping at Thanksgiving

    OUR VIEW: It's part of the holiday spirit

    There’s a feeling that can come over you this time of year if you go about it in the right way.

    Those folks who have had a Salvation Army bell in their hands, served a Thanksgiving Day meal for someone in need or delivered a meal to a family who needs just a little assistance, you know the feeling you get when you look into the eyes of those you help.

    It is then you feel like you made a difference, maybe just for a few hours, in someone else’s life.

  • Nov. 3, 2009: Our readers write

    Eyesores abound

    After reading John Effinger’s letter to the paper regarding the banner and pergola sign at his business, I think Elizabethtown Planning and Development needs to look diagonally across the street from City Hall.

  • Nov. 8, 2009: Our readers write


    Taking exception to AARP

    I was very disappointed when I read that AARP will be supporting the present Democratic House Health Care Bill. As a senior on Medicare, I am sure that we will gain nothing from this bill and that we stand to lose a lot. AARP is supposed to support the best interests of seniors but apparently that is not true.

  • Nov. 10 editorial: Hearing the sounds of success

    Are we spoiled in Hardin County or what? It just comes to be expected that our sports teams will excel and bring home state trophies whether it be in soccer, cross country, football or golf. Year after year, our talented youngsters excel in the classroom, on the court, course and field. From Governor’s Scholars to Junior Miss, Hardin County teens constantly rise to the top and ma

  • Boy Scouts participate in flag retirement


  • Nov. 18 editorial: Keep safety above convenience

    How tempting it can be to just pull out your cell phone and send a short text while driving a car. We think we are good drivers and can handle the distraction just for the short time it takes to send or receive a text. The reality however is the brief time spent looking away from the road has been the cause of fatal and near fatal accidents.

  • Who am I again?

    IF YOU GO: “A Tuna Christmas” opens tonight and runs this weekend and next with showings at 8 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and 3 p.m. Sundays. Performances are at the Plum Alley Theater located in the Historic State Theater Complex at 209 W. Dixie Ave. in Elizabethtown. Tickets are $13 for adults and $12 for seniors, groups and children.

  • Nov. 19, 2009: Our readers write

    There’s no ‘I’ in ‘we’

    Upon reading the article in The News-Enterprise on the correct classification of the City of Elizabethtown what I noticed was the likes of Tim Walker saying the word “I.” Tim it is not about “I” it is about “we” and “us”. We are the ones who cast the votes to put you people in office and we will gladly cast a vote to remove you.  Notice I did not put “I.”

  • Nov. 22 Traffic and misdemeanors

    The following misdemeanor and traffic violation cases are found in Hardin District Court Division I in Elizabethtown. KAPS stands for Kentucky Alternative Programs. Totals include court costs and/or public advocacy fees. Birth year is in parenthesis.

    Christopher D. Gibbons (1982). Speeding 55 in a 45. Total $164.

    Jamin D. Pike (1990). Disregarding stop sign; state traffic school. Total $164.

    Shawn Alexander Montgomery (1983). Violation of foreign E.P.O. Three hundred sixty-five days in jail, serve 31 days balance probated for two years. Total $285.

  • A Dash of Class: Meatloaf, apple cake and pheasant

    By NORA SWEAT This month’s installment of One of Hardin County’s Finest Cooks will be in next week’s column. This week I have recipes that have been given to me or requested. The first two are leftovers from Maxine Shank’s column a couple of months ago. The third is a recipe from a friend in Wisconsin. I got it from her newsletter.