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  • OPINION: Bulldogs pay fitting tribute to Irvin (12/29)

    A few thoughts on the world of sports after enjoying a Christmas break with family. I hope all of you had a good holiday and here’s wishing you a happy New Year. So much is made of rivalries in sports and there’s probably not one bigger in the area than John Hardin versus North Hardin. You wear red and black. Or you wear blue and white. You’re a Bulldog.

  • Photo: A ghost of Christmas past
  • Rising Voices: What YOU said

    The following are responses to a Facebook discussion question asking local teens: What did you do for Halloween and did you dress up?

    I went around downtown for a late-birthday thing. The only "Halloween" thing I did was carving pumpkins: one zombie, one dead, and one throwing up. They're adorable. :D — Mary Kate Elliott

    I helped at a trunk or treat and then took my dog Duke trick or treating in his skunk costume — Becca Owsley

  • Rising Voices: Point/Counterpoint


    Cell phones are amazing technology. You can get on the Internet, update your Facebook and text your friends all at the same time. But does this really need to go on during school?

    Most of us have at least once been irritated by a classmate with a nonstop vibrating phone who is texting through the whole class.

    It really is very distracting. Not to mention it could cause future issues. If you can't pay attention in class, you may end up failing. Then guess what. You get to take the class again.

  • Dec. 29: Services


  • Rising Voices: The BCS: Is there a better way?


    It’s November, the time of year when “change” becomes the official United States buzzword.

    We all saw it last year. One of the many reasons we now have our first African-American president is this innocent little word. Change.

  • Residents appeal Moorman Acres decision



    HARDIN COUNTY — Six owners of property adjoining the proposed Moorman Acres subdivision in the Big Spring area have filed an appeal in Hardin Circuit Court in an effort to reverse a decision made by the Hardin County Planning and Development Commission to conditionally approve the subdivision plat.

    The appeal is the next step in an ongoing battle over the 53-lot subdivision that local residents say will strain already substandard roads.

  • Internet company expansion encounters extended outage

    By BEN SHEROAN Landmark News Service LEITCHFIELD — An internet service outage expected to last about four hours has stretched into a week for some customers of U.S. Digital Online. In the process of relocating a server Dec. 22, unexpected issues were encountered that have had staff members, including company President Doug Smith, working around the clock through the holiday period.

  • GIRLS' PREP BASKETBALL ROUNDUP: Lady Hawks roll in opener in Scottsville (12/29)

    The News-Enterprise Junior forward Lyndsay Whitlock scored 15 points and eighth-grade guard/forward Ivy Brown posted a double-double to lead the LaRue County Lady Hawks to a 55-32 win over Smith County, Tenn., on Monday in the South Central Bank/Halton Classic at Allen County-Scottsville. Whitlock also had four steals and Brown scored 12 points and grabbed 10 rebounds as th

  • Rising Voices: Poll Question


    Q: Last Month: Are vampires cool?

    A: 12.5 percent of you said yes; 12.5 percent said No;  75 percent of you said it depends on the vampire.

    This month's Poll Question: 

    Q: Should there be drug testing for high school students?

    Answers: A) Yes, for athletes; B) Yes, for students in extracurricular activities; C) Yes, for all students, and teachers, too; D) No