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  • Jenny Oldham continues 'good work' of others


    Family: Husband, Dennis; daughters, Emma and Wesleigh; stepdaughters, Katye, Alecia and Heather.

    Favorite book: “To Kill a Mockingbird”

    Favorite music: An eclectic mix.

    Favorite TV show: News programming.

    Favorite movie: “I love all movies.”

    Pets: Cows; horses; Rusty, a black lab/Great Pyrenees mix; two cats, Jackson and Tucker.

  • Governor’s Scholars set for summer studies

    Hardin and surrounding counties will be well represented at this summer’s prestigious state academic program.

  • E'town man arrested for abuse, exploitation of an adult

    An Elizabethtown man was released from jail Monday after he was arrested late Saturday night on charges of abuse and exploitation of an adult.

    Joseph Alfonza Starks, 36, faces the felony charges after officers with the Elizabethtown Police Department were called to the residence of Starks’ parents on Adams Road. Police found the home in “extremely poor condition,’’ according to the arrest citation.

  • P.E. teacher Daniel Thorn loves the outdoors

    Many times students only associate their teachers with their school or classroom. Students might be surprised to know their teachers have lives that include hobbies and interests outside of school.

    Daniel Thorn recently finished his first year teaching physical education at T.K. Stone Middle School.

    During his off time he hunts.

    “My wife would call it an obsession,” Thorn said.

    His earliest memory of hunting was when he was 5 years old, hunting with his dad.

  • Drop and give me 20

    After completing state exams, local elementary students were ready for a different kind of test.

    Elementary school students from across Hardin County gathered Monday at G.C. Burkhead Elementary School to participate in the Marine Youth Physical Fitness Test. Twelve students each from a number of HCS elementary schools competed in push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and the long jump.

  • Sylvia Stuckey teaches during the week and shows dogs on the weekend

    Many times students only associate their teachers with their school or classroom, but teachers have lives too. Some of them have interesting jobs or fun hobbies outside the classroom.

    Sylvia Stuckey teaches special education and digital photography at James T. Alton Middle School. She loves teaching but it can sometimes be demanding and stressful and she looks forward to her weekends.

  • Phelps donates to Locks of Love

    Maggie Phelps, 5, of Glendale, had 10 inches of hair cut on May 10 to donate to Locks of Love.

  • Club presents scholarship to Nicole Curtis

  • Limestone links to Lincoln: Work is preserving wall at Sinking Spring

    Limestone – the riddled bedrock below – played an important role in Abraham Lincoln’s early life. In fact, it still influences how we remember him.

    Before his birth, Lincoln’s family moved to a farm just south of Hodgenville – picking the spot likely because of a spring that “dropped into a pit and disappeared into the earth,” according to the National Park Service. That’s how the farm, Sinking Spring, got its name.

  • Scouts try to retain older members

    As children grow into teenagers, it can be difficult for organizations they grew up in to hold their attention.
    Angie Tinch, program delivery coordinator for the Girl Scouts’ Heartland Service Center, said girls often have a hard time staying as involved in the Scouts by the time they get to high school.
    That’s nothing new. Older girls have more academic and extracurricular obligations. They become more involved in sports or begin to think the Scouts aren’t cool, Tinch said.
    Now, the Scouts have a plan to retain older girls.