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  • Sept. 4 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, The Kentucky Education Association would support teacher Deborah Guillemin if she sought an appeal of the Hardin Circuit Court judge's decision that extra duties without compensation was part of a Hardin County teacher's job. 20 years ago, several residents from Hardin and LaRue counties would join Legionnaires from across the country at the American L

  • Dollars and Sense: Cutting your small business health care costs

    The price of providing health care to small company employees is soaring. In fact, 28 percent of businesses surveyed said their health care insurance rates had jumped more than 20 percent in the past year, according to a study by the National Small Business Association. If your company is struggling to pay health insurance premium costs, there are options that can help you ease the burden, according to the Kentucky Society of CPAs.

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  • Sept. 22 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, repetition, rhyme and a sing-song rhythm were the particular characteristics of choral drama which the Spurlington Story Theatre introduced to Hardin Central Junior High Students. 20 years ago, a former Hardin County Water District No. 1 employee, called to the back room to meet with board members during a closed session, reported cases of nepotism — people hired and supervised by a relative — drinking on the job, exchanging tickets to sporting events for overtime and cheating on time cards.

  • Dollars and Sense: Running a business with family

    If you work in a company run by your family or plan to start one, then you’re not alone. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of all businesses in the United States are family owned. They range in size from the corner store to large corporations. These dynamic businesses are a great opportunity for relatives to work together, but they also come with some special challenges. The Kentucky Society of CPAs offers advice on how to address some of the unique problems these businesses may face.

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  • A reason to watch the sky
  • Sept. 22: Services


  • Firefighters warn against electrical overloads



    ELIZABETHTOWN - An overloaded electrical circuit sparked a lunchtime fire in the back room of a Haycraft Street home Tuesday, prompting firefighters to remind homeowners not to connect more electrical devices than an outlet is designed to hold.

    An emergency dispatcher’s report of smoke billowing from the windows at 311 Haycraft Street went out across airwaves to firefighters at around 11:30 a.m. Tuesday.

  • The Art of Performance: Trash talk season begins


  • Sept. 14 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, chopped down trees felled by a Hardin County road crew on private property near Tunnel Hill still had not been cleared up according to Donna Gatlin, owner of the property. The area was slated to become a forest preserved called "Trees" and a Civil War historical site. 20 years ago, although negotiations were going well between Fort Knox and American Federal Government Employees Local 2302, both sides said they would agree to have the "most efficient organization" issue settled by a third party.

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