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  • Faces and Places: Easter ... more than crosses and candy

    Churches around Hardin County have celebrated Easter this week with various Holy Week services, including those on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, community activities and Easter egg hunts.

  • April 4, 2010: Our readers write

    Whistle Stop on track

    Kentucky Living magazine, well-known to many area readers, is trying to make up for a king-sized mistake that hurt the community of Glendale and The Whistle Stop restaurant, which is very much open for business.

  • Five county comparison

    In addition to collecting and compiling the input of local leaders, the Hardin County vision project includes information about ideas and projects from five similar-sized counties.

    In his summary, consultant Luke Schmidt referred to the areas as "benchmark counties" and mentions examples of downtown redevelopment and unified strategies for growth.

  • Prescribed fires burn at Mammoth Cave



    Prescribed burns at Mammoth Cave National Park sparked intrigue, concern and more than 2,000 acres Thursday and Friday.

    Kentucky’s Division of Forestry and the U.S. Park Service coordinated multiple burns on both days that closed parts of the park and resulted in smoke drifting north before settling more than 30 miles away.

  • LaRue County mother gets 10 years for child abuse

    By LINDA IRELAND Landmark News Service Myra Rodriguez, 31, of Buffalo who admitted to abusing her four children, was not granted probation at her sentencing. She was sentenced to 10 years in prison. In February, she admitted guilt to 16 felony and 30 misdemeanor charges regarding what court documents called “torture and cruel punishment” inflicted upon four children – the

  • April 2, 2010 Editorial: Surface changes don't address heart of issue

    A transportation planner reviewed traffic patterns on Dixie Avenue through the center of Elizabethtown, consulted with local leaders and planners and studied previous reports and recommendations. His findings: Less could mean more for the city’s core. Timothy Doron, director of transportation planning for Gewalt Hamilton Associates in Chicago, reinforced a 2006 Kentucky Transpo

  • Photo: Leavin'; on a jet plane
  • Bailiff saves teen from self-harm

    The News-Enterprise

    A teen inmate tried to hang himself Thursday morning in a Justice Center holding cell where he was awaiting return to Lincoln Village Detention Center after being denied his freedom by a judge.

    Hardin County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Greg Lowe said the teen pleaded with District Judge Kim Shumate for release from the juvenile detention center just before the attempted hanging occurred.

    Lowe said the unidentified teen is being prosecuted for an alleged burglary.

  • BRAC report: On time, on target, on budget


    Visual aids Maj. Gen. James M. Milano and Cols. Jeff Ogden, Scott Cottrell and Greg Gardner used at the meeting can be found under Knox News at www.knox.army.mil.

    Visual aids used by One Knox’s Brad Richardson will be available at www.oneknox.com.



  • More warnings of "traveler" scams emerge



    Meade County Sheriff William “Butch” Kerrick is the latest law enforcement official to warn residents about an alleged syndicate of construction scammers referred to as “travelers,” by some, and “Irish Travelers,” by others.

    Wednesday, Kerrick issued a news alert for Meade residents to beware of construction crews soliciting work that includes barn painting, driveway resurfacing and roofing repair.