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  • Local school districts ready for college and career challenge

    The pledge that students are most likely familiar with is the one that involves crossing a hand over the heart in front of the American flag, but educators have been concerning themselves with an entirely different sort of pledge since Friday.

    A pledge to improve the college and career readiness of public school students has been sent to all Kentucky districts by the commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Education. Elizabethtown Independent Schools and Hardin County Schools districts likely will bring the pledge to their school boards to approve this month or next.

  • Women With A Purpose offers "royal" help

    A special group of women have been lending their hands to help the community, leaving behind a purple wake of good deeds.

    Purple is the signature color of Women With A Purpose, a group whose mission statement describes them as "a group of dynamic Christian women" whose puprose is to be a positive influence. The group seeks to provide cultural acitvities and civic and social entertainment to the Hardin County community.

  • Constitutional scholar to speak at Lincoln Days Luncheon

    Close calls. Brushes with death. A nation locked in bitter struggle for its very identity, and one man whose shoulders bore the weight of tens of thousands of lives.
    It sounds like a Hollywood drama, but it’s really the story of central Kentucky’s favorite son: Abraham Lincoln. And this weekend, a U.S. Army veteran and constitutional scholar will be on hand to bring that story to life in Hodgenville.

  • Another $3.8 million approved for sports park construction

    Elizabethtown City Council on Monday approved another $3.8 million in construction work at the Elizabethtown Sports Park, including field surfacing for the baseball diamonds.

  • Long sentenced to probation


    After a jury acquitted Frank Vincent Long in September of three felony sex crime charges and deadlocked on another three counts, Long was sentenced Tuesday after striking a plea deal that keeps him off Kentucky’s registry of sex offenders, but prohibits him from having unsupervised contact with anyone younger than 16.

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  • Gnomeo, Gnomeo ... don't go breaking my heart...

    “Gnomeo & Juliet” is not exactly Shakespeare. Let’s face it, it’s not even close. But it does have some cute moments.

    You know the story. Boy meets girl, they fall in love but their families hate each other. But this time the families are garden gnomes in competing gardens.

    Instead of sword fights there are lawnmower races, gnomes aren't killed but they are shattered and the friar from Shakespeare’s version has been replaced by a plastic pink flamingo named Featherstone.

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  • Toward a more perfect commonwealth

    ISSUE: Pensions for part-time legislators

    OUR VIEW: Worthwhile uphill battle 

  • MOWW hosts JROTC Cadets

    The Fort Knox Chapter of the Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW) held its monthly membership meeting Jan. 18 in its new clubhouse, Building 2377 on Fort Knox.
    Each year, the chapter hosts several JROTC students from the local area to speak on their impres-sions of the JROTC program and its benefits to them.