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  • CHHS’ Ortiz has new role

    A familiar face will be in a new role in Hardin County Schools this week.
    Ron Ortiz will return to Hardin County Schools on Wednesday as principal of Brown Street Alternative Education Center in Vine Grove, and as district dropout prevention administrator, a newly created position.

  • State Theater moving (ahead with) West

    With the departure of former Executive Director Dana Beth Lyddan, the board of directors for the Historic State Theater had the opportunity to go in a new direction. They chose West.
    Elizabethtown native Emily West is the new executive director for the State Theater. West began her new position Monday. Lyddan married and moved to Indiana.

  • Photo: Disassembling Christmas displays
  • BCS is a mess

    OUR VIEW: Needs some revamping

    When the Bowl Championship Series for college football came into play in 1998, one of its purposes was to create a buzz around the game.
    Consider the mission a success — but too often for the wrong reasons.
    Take this year for example.
    There is no question Auburn and Oregon have earned the right to play for the national championship next week. Both have gone undefeated and found ways to win games.

  • Hodgenville officer hit by pickup, seriously injured

    A Hodgenville police officer was hospitalized and a driver jailed Monday morning after a pickup truck struck the officer who was directing traffic near Hodgenville Elementary School.
    The incident occurred at about 7:30 a.m. when veteran Hodgenville Police Officer Dennis Wells signaled traffic on northbound Ky. 1618 to stop.
    According to LaRue County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Darst, Jimmy Murphy, 42, failed to comply with Wells’ hand-signal. The GMC pickup Murphy was driving struck Wells.

  • Optimistic about a singular year

    People seem to be looking forward to 2011. The day after New Year’s, a Google News search for the word “optimistic” brought 26,964 results — versus just 3,201 for the word “pessimistic.”
    Or maybe that doesn’t mean anything. One thing is certain: there will be a lot of 1s in dates this year.
    The first with just 1s was Saturday: 1/1/11. Later will come: 1/11/11, 11/1/11 and 11/11/11.

  • The embracing story of Randall Richardson

    Randall Richardson has never been a physically affectionate person.
    So 2010 was a breakthrough year for Richardson, the 28-year-old Hardin County resident who challenged himself to hug 1,000 different people by the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve.
    That New Year’s Resolution never lost traction or luster as the months ticked on. He fell 41 hugs short of the goal, but in hugging 959 people over the span of a year, he crossed cultures and self-made barriers.

  • Photos: Camouflage Cat
  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Family favorites from Sheryl Warren


    Sheryl Warren and her family live on a farm in Hart County. Sheryl is a stay-at-home mom with eight children, and she loves to cook and bake — a good thing with a family of that size.

    Sheryl says these recipes for Meatball Soup and Popovers are favorites of her family, and she usually serves them together.

    These are really good recipes, and they’re simple. I don’t think I had ever made popovers before, but these are great.

  • Top stories of 2010

    When it comes to impactful stories in Hardin County, nothing quite matches the intriguing storylines of crime and politics. And the ongoing changes at Fort Knox are always of local interest.

    1. Buggeland killings.

    What started as a routine September day along Shepherdsville Road was far from that.

    Two retired doctors, Margaret Buggeland and Terje R. Buggeland, were found bludgeoned in their home Sept. 21.