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  • Radcliff women plead guilty to exploiting elderly resident

    Two Radcliff women pleaded guilty in Hardin Circuit Court on Wednesday to financially exploiting an elderly Clinton County woman.

    According to a news release from the Office of the Attorney General, who prosecuted the case, Hazel Martin, 73, admitted to four counts of knowing exploitation of an adult of more than $300.

  • Carpenter on the roof
  • Infant's cause of death 'sudden and unexplained'

    The death of a 4-week-old West Point infant has been ruled by a Jefferson County coroner as a "sudden and unexplained death in infancy."

    Deputy Coroner Larry Carroll said the infant was sleeping when her father found her "unresponsive" on July 2.

  • Becky Bauer begins the end of her teaching career

    Becky Bauer practiced writing her name in cursive with brand new students Wednesday, showing them how to spell it and how each letter is formed. Their heads bent over their papers to copy her example. It was likely the last time a class will learn how to spell her name.

    Bauer returned to G.C. Burkhead Elementary School on Wednesday for her 24th and final year as a teacher on a prospect she has considered for some time and not in a completely pleasant way.

    Bauer said it was “like mourning a death or something.”

  • Teacher starts first day of education career

    Brandon Thompson didn’t realize that placing the names of his students on their desks would take almost an hour, or that arranging desks and getting them in order for the first day of school would take most of a day. This is Thompson’s first rodeo when it comes to desk-wrangling, and for teaching in general.

  • 30 years of space exploration ends

    Since 1981, America has been sending shuttles into space. Sadly, that era ended July 21 when space shuttle Atlantis touched down for the very last time.

    Growing up, I wanted to be several things: an archeologist, jet fighter pilot, movie director and astronaut. For me, space is fascinating. Granted, much of what I enjoy about space is probably derived from fiction, namely “Star Wars.” But the actual true and legitimate outer space always has engaged my brain.

  • Comedy Caravan comes to the State

    Rich Ragains, author of “No Excuse Dad” headlines the show. He’s appeared on the Bob and Tom radio show, CMT’s “Comedy Hour” and CMT’s “Greatest Redneck Moments.”

  • Local author holds book signing

    Local author and attorney Stephen Van Zant has a book signing at 6 p.m. Monday at the Hardin County Public Library. His book “Far From Good,” published by WinePress Publishing, is his first young adult novel.

    Van Zant also is available to talk about his book and what inspired him to write it. 

    He describes the novel as a coming-of-age story focusing on Sam Cray during the summer of 1975. As Cray is adjusting to his parents’ divorce, a fight between a friend and a football coach require him to make a life-altering decision.

  • Ready to lasso some aliens?

    A movie directed by Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”) backed by executive producer Stephen Spielberg (“Super 8”) and producer Ron Howard (“Angels and Demons”) and staring Daniel Craig (James Bond) and Harrison Ford (“Star Wars”) should be expected to be a summer blockbuster. “Cowboys & Aliens” has all this plus, well, cowboys and aliens.

  • Music that comes through emotion

    For Holly Brim, music is an extension of one’s soul.

    “Whatever is happening on the inside always comes out in my music,” Brim said. “I like singing for fun as well, but for me the songs I sing have some type of emotional or spiritual connection.”

    Listeners look for something real today, she said.

    “I try to convey a realness through music,” Brim said.