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  • Zombies everywhere

    I’m not sure at what point in our nation’s history zombies became cool. They’ve appeared in B horror films for years.

    Maybe we can blame Michael Jackson for it. Jackson and his zombie friends danced their way to music history in “Thriller.”

    It’s more likely the fault of popular films today with zombie themes or television shows such as “The Walking Dead.”

  • DiCaprio shines but 'J. Edgar' fades

    Audience reactions to a Tuesday night screening of “J. Edgar” starring Leonardo DiCaprio (“Inception”) were mixed. While most agreed the film was well made, they also thought some of the interviews they had seen about the movie were deceptive.

    That morning DiCaprio appeared on “Good Morning America” and implied that although rumors about Hoover’s private life would be explored, the portrayal in the film would be open enough to let the audience reach its own conclusions about those rumors.

  • Rape, theft and drug cases lead October indictments

    After returning more than 50 indictments in September, the Hardin County grand jury returned 43 in October, more than half of which were drug or theft related.

    Leading the list was the case against David B. Dunnivant, a move-in sex offender from Michigan who is accused of forcibly raping an adult female relative.

    Kentucky State Police arrested Dunnivant in August at his Elizabethtown home, charging him with first-degree rape, incest and possession of marijuana. The grand jury returned an additional charge of tampering with a witness.

  • Guthrie, local businesses get up close and personal with consumers

    Local businesses took their offerings directly to consumers Wednesday.

    Hardin County Chamber of Commerce members came together as part of a small business expo at Towne Mall, where they interacted directly with local consumers in a heavily trafficked area within the county. Anthony Conder, a chamber organizer, said about 70 chamber members participated in the expo.

  • PREP FOOTBALL: Bulldogs' defense 'in sync' (11/10)

    The John Hardin defense is getting back to full strength at the perfect time of the season.

    After linebackers Mark Thompson and Wade Holtsclaw missed more than half the season, both are back now and making an impact. Sophomore cornerback Patrick Anderson is close to returning. It’s exactly the boost the Bulldogs need right now.

  • ABC announces alcohol license quotas

    Elizabethtown, Radcliff and Vine Grove have received their alcohol quotas.

    The Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control said Radcliff will receive eight liquor drink licenses and nine package liquor licenses while Elizabethtown will receive 12 package liquor licenses. Vine Grove, which was completely dry prior to the Oct. 4 election, will receive two package liquor licenses.

  • PREP FOOTBALL: So much for the road less traveled (11/10)

    There’s no road less traveled for Mathew Brownell.

    The North Hardin senior running back’s high school journey has taken him across so many paths and different walks of life. It’s an ironic twist on the famous line of a Robert Frost poem.

  • EIS, HCS vote for contract addendum

    Families paying tuition in the Elizabethtown Independent Schools district will have another opportunity to attend without payment.

    The EIS and Hardin County Schools boards adjusted their student enrollment contract at a meeting Wednesday night.

    Both boards voted to add an addendum to the contract that allows for a second random drawing among only students attending EIS on tuition. The drawing is for slots left open by students who opt not to use them after being chosen in the annual name draw.

  • E'town man wanted for assault arrested

    An Elizabethtown man identified as a person of interest in a felony assault investigation was arrested Tuesday afternoon.

    Justin Michael Smith, 31, was arrested at 5:21 p.m. Tuesday at the Elizabethtown Police Department, said Virgil Willoughby, EPD’s public information officer. Smith was charged with first-degree assault.

  • Raising the roof at E-Town Swim & Fitness