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  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Coney Dogs


  • June 21 Marriages

    The following marriage licenses have been issued in Hardin County.

    Lawanda Michelle Ellis, 29, and David Thomas Jones, 31, both of, Charlotte, N.C.

    Heather Nicole Potter, 23, and Charles Douglas Reynolds, 23, both of Sneads Ferry, N.C.

    Latoya Denise Lucas, 29, and Jonathan Terrille Hall, 23, both of Elizabethtown.

    Amanda Aline Bray, 18, and Eric Allen Waller, 18, both of Elizabethtown.

    Saralyn Danielle Lee, 23, and Andrew Clark Buck, 21, both of Elizabethtown.

    Tricia Ann Bennett, 38, and Ronald Lee Meredith, 37, both of Cecilia.

  • June 21, 2009: Our readers write


    Improv baseball at Field of Dreams

    Yes, here we are mid-year and about to hit the first day of summer in a few days, watching the gas prices continue to rise while oil continues to drop, wondering when the laws of diminishing returns will take effect. In addition, it is once again that time of year for a checkup on the food tax to see where our investment is and add a few suggestions on what needs to be done.

  • Lincoln park plans July 4 celebration



    HODGENVILLE — Any Abraham Lincoln look-alikes who show up at Saturday’s birthplace park Independence Day celebration may find themselves being saluted.

    Civil War re-enactors in Union uniforms will set up tents and demonstrate daily life during the event, which also will include costumed interpreters from Frazier International History Museum in Louisville.

  • June 16 editorial: Time to resolve gambling issue


    Gov. Steve Beshear is right about at least one thing: It’s time for state lawmakers to vote yes or no on expanding gambling in Kentucky. The possibility has been held up too long as a panacea for the state’s ongoing financial problem. It is time to put up or shut up for supporters and opponents alike.

  • June 19 Civil Suits

    The following civil suits are filed in Hardin County Circuit Court in Elizabethtown. Et al is a Latin abbreviation meaning “and others.” Lawsuits give only one side of a disagreement and do not reflect any counterclaims and/or settlements that may have occurred since the initial suit was filed.

  • Sometimes a day is just ... interesting

    By ROBERT VILLANUEVA Bad or good, sometimes you know how the day will go right from the beginning.

  • Ways to Thank Your Sponsor!

    15 Ways to thank your sponsor!

    1. Have your students write thank-you notes to your sponsor.

    2. Have your students design cards or draw pictures for your sponsor.

  • A Dash of Class: Fourth of July favorites


    July is my favorite month, probably because I was born in July, I was married in July, and my husband’s birthday is in July. It is just hard to believe that July is really here.

  • June 5 editorial: Hardin County bright in a dark market

    The headlines are chilling:

    “High school seniors graduating into tough job market.”

    “Tougher job market for graduating college seniors.”

    “Few job prospects for '09 graduating class.”

    “Graduates struggle in a tough job market.”

    The message young high school and college graduates are hearing these days screams “be afraid, be very afraid.” And survey results show they have responded accordingly.