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  • Coin crew rings in a mystery

    Buckets of change is not all the Stephensburg Fire Department collected during this year’s WHAS Crusade for Children.

    As volunteers sifted through mounds of contributions, a woman’s gold wedding band was found, said safety officer Jeff Thompson.

    “We were just going through the change and separating it and someone yelled out they had found a wedding ring,” Thompson said. “I thought they were kidding.”

    It was no joke.

  • Searching for balance of business and art

    As Kentucky Repertory Theatre at Horse Cave navigates its course through the rough waters of viability, a new man at the helm has put into place a few things he hopes will keep the organization afloat.

    Christopher Carter Sanderson, whose effective start date at KRT as its new executive director was March 1, arrived with some specific goals in mind.

    “I tried to move with alacrity to address the immediate concern of serving the public through theater,” Sanderson said.

  • Tornadoes fall upon the just and the unjust

    Two old codgers decided to make a trip to California. On the way, they stopped at the Grand Canyon. Staring down at the Colorado River 6,000 feet below, gazing at the far side of the canyon 18 miles away, awestruck by the canyon’s multi-colored layers of rock, the two men stood speechless.

    Finally, one said, “Sumpum musta happened here.”

    Yep. It took several million years, but something indeed happened there. And it’s a beautiful display, many would say, of God’s handiwork in nature.

  • Dash of Class: B foods

    This week we return to our culinary field trip and the letter of choice is B.

    If you are accustomed to only eating a banana on your cereal, you are not utilizing that fruit to its fullest. There are so many wonderful recipes for bananas including banana bread, banana cake, bananas in gelatin — now that’s an old one — and banana pudding, But there are many other ways to use bananas and I have some for you. Included is a Banana Peanut Salad recipe from my sister-in-law. It's a good substitute for the Banana Croquettes.

  • Three's company for the band Three People

    Three People began on a college campus and, because of graduate school, it might end there, too.

    Ramona Sudbeck, Austin Warren and Clay Graham, aka Three People, started their band when the three of them gathered in a small music room at Western Kentucky University their freshman year of college.

    In the small piano room they wrote a three chord song on the piano and enjoyed it so much they decided to write another one and the band grew from there, Graham said.

  • My Kitchen, Your Recipe: Carl Pitts' green pea salad


    Carl Pitts comes to The News-Enterprise regularly to bring news releases and calendar items for the Masonic Lodge in Hodgenville. My co-workers and I always look forward to his visits because he cracks us up. He knows more jokes than anyone I’ve ever met.

    He also enjoys good food, and has brought me a couple recipes in the past. I really lucked out recently because he brought a friend, Tom Kasey, with him, and I ended up getting a recipe from each of them. You get Tom’s recipe for chicken tetrazzini next week.

  • And the numbers are in

    WHAS Crusade for Children

    Totals for local fire departments:

    Upton   $1,690.39

    Glendale   $6,151.39

    White Mills   $3,386.83

    Stephensburg   $7,612.00

    Central Hardin    $18,345.42

    West 84   $3,159.99

    Rineyville   $6,289.52

    Valley Creek   $20,085.00

    Radcliff   $18,263.75

    Sonora   $2,669.26

    Ky. 86   $16,917.93

  • More than a fence: Boundary markers come in various forms

    Markers that designate where one person’s land ends and another’s begins haven’t always been as ordinary as, say, a chain-link fence.

    Unusual objects said to have been used as boundary markers in the Hardin County area include: a stone with an ancient Welsh inscription reportedly pre-dating Christopher Columbus; and a massive oak, carved into gavels and delivered to most U.S. presidents since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

  • The face of survival

    Thomas Lally has a newfound passion for life. Cancer taught him how precious each moment can be.
    The Elizabethtown resident was front and center Sunday at Pritchard Community Center as he shared his story of survival during the fourth annual Cancer Survivor Sunday event. The previous three were in Nelson County.
    “We decided to try something different this year,” said event emcee Luke Barlowe.

  • Community Health Clinic feeling purse string pressure

    The national recession has placed its share of wounds on families, and the fallout still is being felt in Hardin County.
    In 2010, the Community Health Clinic of Hardin & LaRue Counties lost $53, 210, forcing the facility to tap into its reserve funds just to stay afloat, said Executive Director Jane Cornell.

    \The loss was punctuated by a 20 percent reduction in state funding and the absence of United Way support, Cornell said, a ripple effect still resounding at the midway point of 2011.