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  • Several air conditioners stolen in county

    A string of air-conditioning unit thefts largely from vacant homes has struck Hardin County in the last month.

    According to law enforcement officials, the units are not being stolen for temperature control but rather for scrap metal.

    Radcliff Police Department spokesman Bryce Shumate said about a half dozen air-conditioning units have been stolen in Radcliff in the last week.

  • Quilt block project seeing slow spell

    Martha Thomas’ two barns both sport a star-shaped quilt pattern painted onto two 4-foot by 8-foot sheets of plywood.

    Thomas, who is on the committee for the Hardin County Clothesline of Quilts Project, loves stars.

    She knew she wanted star shapes to be present in the patterns she put on her barns near Elizabethtown, so she hit upon the “Kentucky star” and “farmer’s daughter” patterns to depict in larger-than-life detail.

    “I think they add tremendous visual appeal to a barn,” she said.

  • Motherhood & More: A mother’s nightmare: Falling while holding a child

    It finally happened.

    And if I’m honest I can say I’m surprised it hadn’t happened already.
    I fell holding one of my children.

    I’ve mentioned a time or two how klutzy I am, and it’s true. As I’m typing this I’m covered in a plethora of bruises, bumps, scratches and cuts from bike rides, stumblings or just everyday walking around my house.

    At one point a couple of weeks ago I looked like someone who’d been in a bad car accident.

  • Ask the Nutrition Expert: Smart summer foods

    By Clarissa Pape

    For Wednesday's Woman

    Summer foods are here. And that doesn’t include hot dogs, which become a regular summer lunch because 20 seconds in the microwave is all it takes. Instead of mystery meat encased in phosphates and who knows what else, try stocking the fridge with a few ready-to-eat healthy options.

    With about 20 to 30 minutes of prep time, you can be prepared with quick and easy healthy foods for the whole week with these summer staples.

  • Christa Smith's art and home reflect older times

    Christa Smith’s art is a link to her heritage.

    Originally from Germany, she creates Bavarian folk art boxes using Bauernmalerei, a type of folk painting.

    She said her route to Elizabethtown was like many in the area. She married a military man who was eventually stationed at Fort Knox. After 30 years of military service, he retired in Elizabethtown.

  • The List: Things that are good to know about CFLs

    As homeowners and governments alike look for more ways to trim energy consumption, compact fluorescent lamps are getting attention. Here are some facts to know.

  • E'town, ETCB begin work on sports park operations agreement

    Elizabethtown officials on Monday discussed a rough draft of a proposed five-year operations agreement between the city and the Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Bureau that would place park management in charge of local league play.

    Under the proposed agreement, the park would manage all concessions, the revenue of which would be poured back into operation of the park. Likewise, an escrow account has been established through the restaurant tax for capital improvements.

  • New police chief has a diverse background

    A pile of boxes sit in the middle of Chief Ruben Gardner’s office. The white walls and dark bookshelves are largely empty. Little evidence is left behind by the man who occupied the office of police chief for more than 20 years.

    “Come Friday, I’m going to have this office cleaned out,” he said.

    Gardner, 65, is retiring Friday after a 41-year career with the Elizabethtown Police Department, but the office won’t be empty for long.

  • GOLF ROUNDUP: Cross, Gumm in solid contention in Kentucky Open (07/27)

    An area duo is in solid position entering today’s final round of the Fifth Third Bank Kentucky Women’s Open at the 6,200-yard Standard Country Club in Louisville.

    Murray State University senior Morgan Cross, a former Central Hardin High School standout, shot 74 on Tuesday and enters today in a three-way tie for third place with Nicholasville’s Emily Haas and Hebron’s Martha Leach.

    North Hardin junior Lydia Gumm had a 77 and is in a three-way tie for 13th with Louisville’s Lindsay Gahm and Union’s Sara Hurwitch.

  • County finishes fiscal year with $1.2 million surplus

    Despite continuing revenue struggles at Pearl Hollow Landfill and the Hardin County Detention Center, Hardin County government closed the 2010-11 fiscal year roughly $1.2 million ahead.

    Judge-Executive Harry Berry rolled out a review of the budget Tuesday, saying Hardin County is committed to balancing its books.

    “If we could teach people this in Washington, we might be better off on the national scene,” Berry said.