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  • RISING VOICES: Open for Business


    Freedom is something everyone wants. It’s what our forefathers fought for in the Revolutionary War. Yet today, as Americans, we don’t take full advantage of our rights. One of those rights is the right to start and run a business.

  • RISING VOICES: What You Said

    The following is a response to a Facebook discussion question asking local teens: Is the Internet making us stupid? Do we Google too much? I don't necessarily think the internet is making us stupid, it's just making us lazy. There are many times when a friend or myself will have a question and just pop it into Google and receive the answer when it used to be that you'd have to use many different resources to find answers to your questions.

  • 5TH REGION BASEBALL TOURNAMENT: District looks to continue to dominate rest of the region (05/31)



    LaRue County baseball coach Chris Price knows every year he goes to the 5th Region Baseball Tournament draw, there’s a good chance he might have to face a 17th District team in the first round.

    Even if the Hawks avoid a date with one of the 17th District teams in the first round, like they did this season, it’s just delaying the inevitable most years. Price is well aware the Hawks will likely see a 17th District team in the semifinals, and possibly again in the finals if his team makes it that far.

  • RISING VOICES: Here's a tip

    To write a successful research paper, you have to know how to get started.

  • RISING VOICES: Point/Counterpoint



    Caps and gowns, millions of camera flashes every which way you turn, tears running down your face and pure excitement for the next chapter of your life churn in your gut.

    Graduation day is a special day that every kid looks forward to seemingly from the time we enter kindergarten.

    By the time we graduate high school, most kids already know if and where they're going to college. But what about those who don’t?

  • RISING VOICES: Point/Counterpoint

    By Amira Bryant Can you be in love in high school? Definitely! As teens grow and experience hormonal changes for the first time, psychological and physical needs shoot sky high. The need for a companion or someone close to experience growth is essential to an honest, healthy view of what your inner feelings demand.

  • Sleep vs. School

    By Amira Bryant In many different states, school schedules commence at different times of the day and having later school hours is often a center of conversation for students across the nation.

  • Apartments under fire
  • RISING VOICES: Here's a tip


    There are three basic types of learners: visual, auditory and haptic. For successful academic performance, it is helpful to identify which type of learner you are and adjust your study habits to accommodate that type of learning.

    Visual learners learn best when material is graphic: charts, tables, maps, etc. To help with studying, visual learners should look at the professor when he or she is instructing, take detailed notes, study in a quiet place with little to no distraction and transcribe information along with charts, graphs, etc.

  • From the bookshelf: 'Dead in the Family'


    “Dead in the Family”

    By Charlaine Harris

    Ace Hardcover

    List Price:$9.99

    Rating: two out of five bookworms.