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  • Oh boy, it's a girl



    I think I wanted a girl. That's pretty hard to admit.

    It goes without saying I would have been happy with a baby who was healthy and happy. But if I'm honest with myself, my preferences leaned toward female.

  • Man pleads to West Point crimes



    A man accused of multiple sex crimes, including rape, sodomy and sexual abuse that allegedly occurred between May 2007 and 2008, was sentenced to five years in prison Tuesday in Elizabethtown after admitting to sexual contact with a child in West Point.

    An attorney speaking for Larry Wayne Kendall Jr., 36, told 9th Circuit Judge Kelly Mark Easton that his client admitted to placing the hand of a 7-year-old on his genitals while drunk and sharing a bed with the child.

  • RISING VOICES: Point/Counterpoint



    In high school come many unique experiences: first car, first job, senior prom and graduation to name a few.

    Teens also make countless life-altering decisions, the most important one being what to do with your life.

    Choosing whether to attend college isn’t a decision you make and follow through with in a day, or even a week.

  • Elizabethtown budget reduced further



    Mayor David Willmoth on Wednesday introduced a slimmer, $57 million budget for the upcoming fiscal year, but Elizabethtown is not lacking activity.

    The budget is $3 million smaller than last year’s $60 million budget and is considerably smaller than the $67 million budget adopted in 2008.

    The $57 million is expected appropriations for general government, debt service, water, sewer, and gas utilities, and the Tourism and Convention Bureau.

  • June 1, 2010 Editorial: Clicking a seat belt: The least we can do for safety

    Maybe it was the friend whose life was saved because that friend took five seconds to put on a seat belt. Maybe it was the $25 ticket you were handed when a police officer caught you not wearing a seat belt. Maybe it’s that seat belts save lives, period. Whatever the reason, whatever it takes to put a seat belt on, find it in you to do it. Area police agencies are i

  • RISING VOICES: Poll Question

    POLL QUESTION: Should we leave celebrities like Tiger Woods alone? A) Yes — 43 percent B) No — 29 percent C) I don't care — 14 percent D) Depends on the circumstances — 14 percent E) Who's Tiger Woods? — 0 percent     This month's question:

    Where's the best place to get piercings? A.) My living room

    B.) Baldy's

    C.) Spiders

    D.) Hot Topic

    E.) Wal-Mart

  • RISING VOICES: Facebook discussion question

    The following is a response to a Facebook discussion question asking local teens: Who are or were you cheering for in the NCAA March Madness? I don't even know who played. :D - Janelle Williams   THIS MONTH'S FACEBOOK DISCUSSION QUESTION: Is the Internet making us stupid? Do we Google too much?

    Hey teens! We want to know WHAT YOU SAID! To voice your thoughts and see what other local teens are saying, visit the Rising Voices Facebook page and join in the discussion

  • Ask the Expert: Sugar free or not sugar free? That is the question.


    Ahh … sugar-free chocolate, the one thing I can have and not feel guilty, right?


    You might as well have the real thing, just less of it.

    The truth is, not all items labeled “sugar free” truly are. How can they get away with that? Simple.

  • RISING VOICES: Point/Counterpoint

    By Desirae Duncan In elementary school, "like" was a strong word. Being accused of liking someone was the worst and the "Do you like me? Check yes or no" note was the ultimate face reddener.  But now in high school, we’ve matured — or so we think — and liking someone is no longer an insult.

  • Dollars and Sense: Record retention for small businesses

    Not only it is required by law, proper record retention for both paper and electronic records is a financially sound practice that will save you and your business time and costs, as well as help you avoid the fines and penalties of a violation. Maintaining and retaining your business’s financial records will allow you to make well thought-out and informed decisions about your business’s future. The Kentucky Society of CPAs explains how long you should keep certain financial records.

    Accounting records