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  • Sculpting a sweet life:

    Icing on the Cake: More about Janet Brown Favorite music: 80’s to current rock. “The thing about having a teenager is I hear her music so much it grows on me.” Favorite books: “Anything Anne McCaffrey.” Favorite TV shows: “I know people would expect me to say ‘Cake Boss’ or ‘Ace of Cakes,’ but my husband won't let me watch them.

  • Suit: Mopped floor blamed for woman's fall

    The News-Enterprise

    RADCLIFF — A civil suit filed Thursday in Elizabethtown’s 9th Circuit Court seeks damages against Walgreen’s pharmacy for a woman who said a wet bathroom floor caused her to slip and fall last year during a visit to the Radcliff location.

    Mopping is what plaintiff Lorna Gaddy claims caused the floor to be slippery. The suit claims the business was negligible in the April 25, 2009, fall because no “wet floor” sign were posted in the bathroom.

  • A step in the right direction

      With so many weight loss programs available, it is easy to become confused about what works and what does not when it comes to losing weight to lower your risk for type 2 diabetes.

  • From the bookshelf: 'Mr. Shivers'


  • The Art of Performance: Fear Can Destroy A Performance

    By Dr. Keith Wilson An important performance principle is the “Thought-Performance Interaction.” This is the interrelationship between thought, emotions and physiology and its impact on performance. My last column focused on the power of thinking and performance. Mia Hamm was used as an example of a pioneer who popularized a specific performance technique to change negative internal self-talk. This column is going to focus on the second component of the “Thought Performance Interaction” which is emotions.

  • Post-event depression

    Everyone has had those days. The days that come just after something amazing in your life ends and leaves you feeling downright depressed.   You see an incredible movie, read a highly anticipated book, or view the last episode of a long and meaningful TV show and have great time doing so, but then you wake up the next day feeling a regretful emptiness because your anticipation has come to an end. Recently, a large number of teens have suffered from this depression because of the large quantity of great movies, TV shows and books that have been rel

  • Candidates speak at AM Rotary meeting

    Guest speakers at the April 16 meeting of the Hardin County AM Rotary were Jenny Pitts and Larry Ashlock— candidates for Hardin County Attorney. Pictured are Jenny Pitts, Club President Marty Fulkerson and Larry Ashlock. To learn more about the Hardin County Rotary Club, visit www.hardincountyrotary.org.


  • Ring Road extension clears hurdle



    The Kentucky Court of Appeals has denied a petition for rehearing a case that is tying up a $17 million project to extend Ring Road to the Western Kentucky Parkway in Elizabethtown.

    This, however, does not mean the work is a go.

    Midway attorney Hank Graddy — who represents the McGehees, the property owners fighting the extension — said he is considering taking the matter a step further to the state Supreme Court.

  • Just for Kix



    Local employers and those seeking jobs have a new federally funded resource to connect in the labor market.

    Launched on Monday, the Internet site — www.kix.com — is part of the Wired65 project, which aims to integrate the region’s workforce and economic development initiatives.

  • Heritage Council rolls out downtown initiatives



    After meeting with Elizabethtown city officials in January to outline a series of proposals pertaining to downtown improvement, the Elizabethtown-Hardin County Heritage Council has fleshed out two initiatives aimed at breathing new life into the area.