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  • Dollars and Sense

    Wills are not just for the very rich. They are important legal documents that help guarantee that your wishes will be followed and that your family or other beneficiaries can receive their inheritance without unnecessary delays. Everyone should have a will, particularly if you have children or if you have assets that you plan to leave to a particular person or organization.

  • Trucker shows signs of improvement after wreck



    LOUISVILLE — A Tennessee trucker badly injured Tuesday morning when his tractor-trailer rear-ended another rig on Interstate 65 showed signs of improvement Wednesday at University Hospital in Louisville where he was airlifted for treatment.

    Frankie Green was among several people seriously injured Tuesday in similar wrecks on I-65.

  • March 4: Our Readers Write

    Revising the retirement system I appreciated The News-Enterprise editorial regarding city hiring practices. Those who voted “no” on the rehiring of Mr. Hill were not stating an opinion of Mr. Hill himself, but rather stating philosophic differences concerning the rehiring of recently retired department heads to a similar position after a very short period of retirement, wi

  • March 2, 2009: Our readers write

    Amen, brother

    Just wanted to say I agree with Gary Richardson’s letter (“If Obama fails, we all fail,” Feb. 22) on supporting and praying for our president regardless of your party. He said everything that I was thinking and put it into beautiful words.

    Thank you, Brother Gary.

    Betty Raymer


    Selective reporting

  • March 9, 2009: Our readers write


    Enough with the political circus

    If the old adage “all politics are local” is true, then that certainly explains why little progress is made in Washington, D.C. these days.

  • Murder case to test state’s shoot first law
  • March 25 editorial: Billy G's biggest problem? He doesn't get it

    THE ISSUE: Billy Gillispie

    OUR VIEW: He just doesn't get it

    Here’s the thing with Billy Clyde Gillispie: He just doesn’t get it when it comes to being the men’s head basketball coach at the University of Kentucky.

    He really doesn’t, and it seems he doesn’t want to.

    He says he wants to get his team prepared to win games.

    Good idea.

    Barely making the NCAA Tournament and then going one and done in your first season is not a good start.

  • March 18, 2009: Our readers write


    No more NAIS

    The problem with food safety lies in the abuse of factory farms, yet (the National Animal Identification system) exempts them and leaves the burden on small producers. It, too, is a boom financially for the corporate sponsors of microchipping.  Stop NAIS.

    John Ferguson

    Sonora   Religion questioned

  • April 7 editorial: Reese, Hansen have always led by example

    Here’s the thing with volunteers: The very best of these community-minded folks never need to be prodded for a cause. That’s the way Dot Hansen has always been and the way Clara “Frankie” Reese was for most of her 84 years of life. If someone needed assistance, Hansen and Reese were there. Hansen was recently recognized for her volunteerism at a ceremony at F

  • March 8 editorial: Keep officials accountable

    Although they are elected and serve four-year terms, for the purpose of retirement and other benefits the state considers members of fiscal court, whether magistrates or commissioners, county employees. Indeed, they draw salaries that to many Hardin Countians would be more than a living wage, particularly for work that is considered part-time. They are entitled to retirement benefits based on the number of years they serve. And, in Hardin County, they receive a health insurance benefit.