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  • Dec. 31, 2009: Our readers write

    On government’s place in health care

  • Dec. 24 editorial: Service deserves recognition

    Approximately 100 French Legion of Honor Medals are awarded each year to U.S. veterans who helped in the liberation of France during World War II. The National Order of the Legion of Honor, founded by Napoleon Bonaparte, recognizes eminent service to the Republic of France.

    Local businessman Bill Swope is the fourth local veteran this year, the fifth since it became available, to receive the award. Others so honored include John Elder, James Sarver, Blond Puckett and Bennie Skaggs.

  • Dec, 17, 2009: Our readers write

    An angel of the theater

    A man like Bruce Caldera is not easily put into words, so mine will knowingly fall short here.

    Backstage (when it was called Picasso’s) was the first place I started playing regularly as a songwriter and musician. Besides the musical experience I had there, it really became the foundation for my pursuance of music in general. What impacted me unexpectedly was how genuine and caring this guy Bruce was that I was getting to know.

  • Focus on finance: Get organized for tax time

    Question: I can’t believe it is tax time again already. Any last minute tips?

    Answer: It’s time to get organized. One of the biggest mistakes taxpayers make is not being organized at tax time. Many taxpayers want to get their taxes completed as soon as possible, but not having all of your information can lead to lost credits. Here are some hints:

  • Will business be better in 2010?

    By JOHN FRIEDLEIN jfriedlein@thenewsenterprise.com HARDIN COUNTY — This year so far has been a chilly one outside, but the economic outlook for 2010 is calling for a warm-up. Signs of heat include the upcoming influx of human resources workers and soldiers to Fort Knox. And Gov. Steve Beshear on Monday plans to visit the Elizabethtown-based Akebono brake company, which recently anno

  • Dec. 27, 2009: Our readers write

    Coal lights our holidays

    In this Christmas season, I would like to remind The News-Enterprise readers that electricity made from coal is the most economical of any other power source in this part of the country. In all probability, your electricity is produced from coal. The twinkling of the lights on your Christmas tree, house decorations and yard ornaments shine as a result of coal being burned at a power generating plant.

  • Dec. 24 editorial: Drama has lost a local ally

    The loss of Bruce Caldera to his family and friends is a loss to the community as well. Caldera died tragically in a car crash on Dec.15, leaving a void unable to be filled by any other. As an active theater enthusiast he contributed to the lives of many who shared a stage with him or bought a ticket to one of the many performances of which he was a part.

  • North grad becomes a reality star

    By KELLY R. CANTRALL kcantrall@thenewsenterprise.com RADCLIFF — While many companies still aren’t making new hires, Bad Boy Entertainment is, and Ebony Jones will be one of its newest employees. But Jones didn’t do the usual sit-down interview and tell someone in a suit behind a desk about her strengths and weaknesses. She competed on a reality show. Jones, a No

  • Dec. 23, 2009: Our readers write

    1800s Classification figures out of date

    The classification issue in Elizabethtown is really a non-news item, even thought The News-Enterprise continues to spread it over numerous pages such as Sunday (Matters of class still matter to Atcher, Dec. 20) which really added no new information.

  • Alleged eat-n-run results in serious charges



    ELIZABETHTOWN – Elizabethtown police arrested five people Thursday afternoon, charging them with robbery and complicity to robbery for what is described as an “eat-n-run” incident at a local restaurant.

    Jail logs show Alisha Young, 20, and Sarah L. Daniel, 20, of Vine Grove, and Terrence Bradshaw II, 24, Decarlos Gordon, 22, and Michela Washington, 20, all of Radcliff, were booked at around 6 p.m. Thursday on felony charges at the Hardin County Detention Center.