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  • COLLEGE SPORTS: Weather can’t dampen U of L crowd at Cardinal Caravan (05/21)



    The weather Thursday was a bit on the rainy side, but that didn’t deter area Louisville fans from showing their Cardinal pride.

    A few hundred red-, black- and white-clad fans were in attendance at Pine Valley Golf Resort’s 3 Putt Willie’s restaurant for this year’s fourth stop by the Cardinal Caravan – Louisville’s ninth annual traveling free public meet-and-greet featuring coaches, cheerleaders and other members of its athletics staff.

  • Sometimes saying no is a way to be fair

    Sometimes it’s good to stop and explain why things happen the way they do. It helps me to put the logic behind decisions in writing just to see if my explanation is as clear on paper as it is between my ears.

    Each election season as the polling day draws near, journalism stresses rise. Contrary to popular belief, we strive to be fair and objective.

  • Don't make assumptions about signs of support

    Two days before the election, I want to share a lesson learned two decades ago.

    Passing my parents’ home outside Vine Grove, I noticed an over-sized plywood sign erected on the hillside next to the driveway. It encouraged voters to support a particular candidate in that year’s election.

  • County Landfill 101

    There seem to be a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation regarding the financial condition of the county-owned landfill. While lengthy and dry, the following is worth your time and focused attention. Hardin County Government purchased the Pearl Hollow landfill property in the mid-1990s with development and construction quickly following. The initial land purchase, development and

  • Photo essay: Let's make a deal

    Summer sale season is under way

  • PREP BASEBALL-SOFTBALL ROUNDUP: Trojans split doubleheader with Bethlehem and Campbellsville (05/21)

    The News-Enterprise The North Hardin Trojans split a doubleheader with two 5th Region rivals Thursday, beating Bardstown Bethlehem, 8-3 and falling to Campbellsville, 16-6 in five innings. n Eighth-grader Dale Gumm struck out seven as the Trojans beat the Eagles. Gumm allowed four hits, four walks and three earned runs in the complete-game win. Junior Isaac Coty hit a three-run hom

  • Radcliff woman races for a reason



    A couple of years ago, Erika Gudenkauf had never even participated in a race. But in a couple weeks, she’ll be tackling a marathon. She just needed the right motivation.

  • Reunion provides restart to fitness regimen

    I admire people who stay physically fit just for the sake of their own health — the people who are ever conscious of the food they eat and the level of corresponding exercise they expend to offset it. Unfortunately, I am not one of these people.

    Hiking a wooded trail or walking a path with friends is part of my social world and a relaxing respite, but truly “working out” had fallen off my scheduled agenda in the last few years. A busy schedule and a comfortable routine led to some not so healthy eating and less than consistent exercise.

  • Exploring a vision means keeping eye on unity

    The process of developing a vision for Hardin County’s maturation and development raised several compelling questions and stirs a few age-old controversies.

    You can get lost in complicated details about the ins and outs of reshaping government. The discussion about the value of healthy competition among fiscally viable public school systems versus a streamlined single district may be endless. And wet-dry raises issues of economic growth, quality of life and community values.

  • Photo: It had to be fog glow

    A spider's art work glows Saturday morning as the rising sun burns away heavy ground fog.