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  • Feb. 15 Local History


    30 years ago, Elizabethtown Mayor James R. Pritchard was to appear in Hardin District Court; his dog had wandered off his yard and had been nabbed by the Hardin County dog warden; Pritchard was charged with violating the city’s dog ordinance and was fined $44.50. 20 years ago, in a special election, Upton voters voted to transfer Upton’s water system to Hardin County Water District No. 2.  

  • March 3 Local History

    30 years ago, two employees of North Central Comprehensive Care were teaching a social skills training course at Elizabethtown Community College to help people sharpen conversation skills and get a taste of assertiveness training. 20 years ago, the last operation for a Kenyan boy, Joshua Ochieng, who had been brought to Kentucky by Elizabethtown resident Rick Thompson to fix a deformed foot, was declared to be very successful; Joshua’s foot had been badly damaged by polio, mak

  • July 15, 2010: Our Readers Write

    Mining industry not looking for bailout

    Speaking July 9 in the student union at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, President Obama stated “Well, I believe that if an American company wants to create jobs and grow, we should be there to help them do it.”  

    This sounds all good and well if you live in Las Vegas or anyplace else west of the Mississippi River. Here in Appalachia, those words are meaningless. We mine coal here and, to the current administration, that’s like saying a bad word in Sunday school.

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  • March 1 Local History

    30 years ago, a late winter storm brought record-low temperatures to much of Kentucky and made driving very hazardous; eight accidents were reported in Elizabethtown and nine in Radcliff due to the slippery roadways. 20 years ago, a safety inspection created an unsafe setting at Hardin Central Middle School, sending 28 people from the school to Hardin Memorial Hospital; state building inspectors had turned off the electricity in order to check the fire alarm system and other safety

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  • Vine Grove, Radcliff lift burn bans

    The News-Enterprise

    Radcliff and Vine Grove have lifted bans on outdoor burning in the wake of this week’s rain.

    The northern cities are in step with Elizabethtown, with all three cities implementing the ban together last week and lifting them together Tuesday.

    While bans have been removed, certain types of burning within city limits may require a permit. For specific information regarding burn restrictions and permits, contact your local fire department or city hall.