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  • 8-6 Local Histories


    August 6, 2008

    30 YEARS AGO, daily water use increased over 700,000 gallons from 1976 through the first six months of 1977 according to water works records. A spring near Gaither Station Road and Freeman Lake supplemented the water supply.

    20 YEARS AGO, local families and their representatives who attended a public hearing focusing on the May 14 bus crash applauded the emphasis on drunken driving but were disappointed with sessions on bus safety.

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  • Details could surface today in fatal crash



    RADCLIFF — Radcliff police officials still are investigating Saturday night’s crash that killed 16-year-old North Hardin High School junior Cameron Irvin and injured three others.

  • Aug. 26 Local History


    August 26, 2008

    30 YEARS AGO, developer Charles Pellman, whose subdivision on Hodgenville Road was built illegally, finally filed his plats at the Hardin County Courthouse.

    20 YEARS AGO, the Hardin County School board accepted a $145,000 bid on a sewer project at New Highland Elementary School, a substantial savings from the expected $200,000.

    10 YEARS AGO, after losing a multimillion-dollar jury recommendation in federal court, Ireland Army Community Hospital faced another lawsuit over alleged negligence.

  • June 12 Local History


  • Sept. 1 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, Hardin Circuit Court Judge J.T. Hatcher ruled that the performance of extra duties without pay, such as taking tickets at ballgames, was part of a Hardin County teacher's job requirements. 20 years ago, County Attorney Steven Bland filed motions suggesting that Trial Commissioner Phillip Warf acted beyond his authority. Bland asked District Judge Rober

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  • 8-13 Local Histories


    August 13, 2008

    30 YEARS AGO, while passing motorists appreciated the beauty of the water fountain in front of the Coca-Cola Bottling Plant on Dixie Avenue in Elizabethtown, few would appreciate the work that went into keeping the fountains in good order. Removal of moss and algae were required routine maintenance.

    20 YEARS AGO, in a terse press release, the board of directors of Citizens Fidelity Bank and Trust Co. Hardin County announced that chairman, Lamonte Hornback, resigned unexpectedly.

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  • 8-21 Local History


    August 21, 2008

    30 YEARS AGO, a cement shortage due to tighter pollution controls and a construction boom in the western US forced companies in Elizabethtown and Radcliff to temporarily lay-off employees.

    20 YEARS AGO, Elizabethtown Community College breaks a record enrolling nearly 1,815 students for fall classes.

    10 YEARS AGO, a Radcliff couple filed a $1.95 million sexual harassment suit against a former finance manager for a Craig and Landreth Inc. used car lot, formerly at 1864 N Dixie Blvd. in Rad-cliff.