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  • 12-26 Local History


  • 12-1 Local History

    In Hardin County:

    30 years ago, local Shell dealers were considering how they would deal with the announcement that Shell Oil, the nation's largest gasoline supplier, would be rationing all grades of gasoline to its dealers.

    20 years ago, the Hardin County Young Farmers Association sponsored a "New Directions-Computers in Agriculture" exposition at East Hardin High School to show young agriculture students how farmers can track productivity electronically.

  • 12-17 Local History


  • 1-2 Local History

    In Hardin County: 30 years ago, Elizabethtown Industrial Foundation President Lamonte Hornback announced that two firms had committed to locating plants at the multi-county industrial plant in Elizabethtown. 20 years ago, the Hardin County Public Library, which was located in the former post office at the corner of Mulberry Street and Dixie Avenue in Elizabethtown, reopened after its first renovation since it was converte

  • 12-18 Local History


  • 12-10 Local History

    In Hardin County:

    30 years ago, the high cost of maintaining the indoor pool at T.K. Stone Junior High School forced the school board to consider charging fees for groups to use the pool.

    20 years ago, local police and state troopers launched an “attack” on drivers with the fifth annual “D-Day on Trafficways, holding roadblocks and sobriety checkpoints and making the public aware of the hazards of drinking and driving.

  • 12-31 Local History


  • 12-14 Local History

    In Hardin County:

    30 years ago, an early morning fire caused extensive damage to the State Theatre in downtown Elizabethtown.

    20 years ago, the Vine Grove Police Department was the focus of a federal grand jury probe into possible drug-related offenses in City Hall. The police department’s link was the latest revelation confirmed in the joint FBI and Kentucky State Police drug investigation.

  • 12-25 Local History


  • Nov. 6 Civil Suits

    The following civil suits are filed in Hardin County Circuit Court in Elizabethtown. Et al is a Latin abbreviation meaning “and others.” Lawsuits give only one side of a disagreement and do not reflect any counterclaims and/or settlements that may have occurred since the initial suit was filed.